Saturday, May 11, 2019


Moving away from the fashion for a little bit, isn't it ironic how getting older makes you think about all the things you haven't done yet that you really want to do? I'm not just talking about things like starting a business or reaching that goal weight, but getting the opportunity to do all those fun/crazy things you've always dreamed of doing one day. This then begs the question, what's on your bucket list?

Some people want to jump out of a plane, fly in a hot air balloon, swim with sharks and plummet down the side of a 50 story building in the name of bungee jumping. My bucket list is not that dramatic and my goal is not to die in the process of ticking things off my ultimate to-do list okay? so let's not get carried away here people.

Before sharing some of the things I want to get the opportunity to do at some point, let's look a little bit at what bucket lists are and why people have them. Simply put, your bucket list comprises all the life experiences you want to have before you eventually die. It's a list that identifies all the things you have ever wanted to do; big or small, meaningful or random. People have bucket lists to give them new and exciting things to look forward to yet are in no way things that propagate the idea that death is near. Death is inevitable for everyone yes, but that isn't the idea behind creating bucket lists. It should be a fun reminder of all the things we would love to do while we are alive. I guess this is the point where the young people will say YOLO because fact is, we do only get to live this one life so why not make it count?

The stresses of day to day life often overwhelm us to the point where we forget to live life enthusiastically and joyfully, not looking forward to doing the things we enjoy and that matter to us. Ask yourself, what would you do if you had unlimited time and money? where in the world have you always dreamed of visiting? what is it that you've always wanted to do but haven't gotten round to doing yet? what do you want to see or feel in person? These are some of the questions that should help in creating your own bucket list. There are a couple of things I want to get the chance to do and experience so maybe now is the time to start checking them off my list one by one. Some things I want to do alone, others with friends or family and some with maybe that special somebody one day. If I asked what's on your bucket list, what are the top 10 things you would want to do?

Some things on my list include: experiencing Beyonce in concert, writing for Oprah's magazine and a couple of others like InStyle and Cosmo, travelling to Greece, Paris and Las Vegas to see all the shows and writing a book. Others are: starting a sickle cell charity in Nigeria, go on a cruise with friends, attend a live WWE show and getting on the TMZ tour bus in L.A. My list is endless to be honest and that's how it should be, there should be no limits on what's on your bucket list. So if you have not yet begun to create one for yourself, now is the time to do it. Think of any and every thing you want to do from the most mundane thing like trying a weird ice cream flavor to the most adventurous like mountain climbing. Point is to have fun, dream big and let your imagination run wild and free.

What are some things on your bucket list? Hope you share in the comments...maybe I can include some in my list as well because it's still growing!!

Always Love 💘


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