Saturday, June 8, 2019


Following up on my post from 2 weeks ago about closet maximization, how else can you take advantage of your own closets to remain stylish and trendy? I have 8 style recipes to help update your wardrobe and keep you from becoming just another face walking through endless revolving doors of stores and boutiques.

History shows that fashion repeats itself otherwise who would have thought that your mom's jeans and dad's sneakers would be making such bold style statements in 2019? But...they are and had we known that they would, I think we all would not have been so quick to toss out our parents' stuff from from the 60s, 70s and 80s when mini skirts and skinny jeans were becoming the in thing. Fear not though because there is help out there to ensure that we don't make the same mistake twice.

" Clothes aren't going to change the world, the women who wear them will" - A. Klein
1. First and maybe most obvious is to use Pinterest to keep your wardrobe style updated and fresh. Use it often by creating fashion boards to keep you inspired and motivated to try new things. It has really helped me take better advantage of my closet and I use it all the time. 

 Sometimes you even forget you have certain pieces until you come across something on Pinterest that jolts your memory so don't sleep on using this style recipe for updating your style and wardrobe.

2. Back in the day, I collected scarves on a regular frequent basis so now I have a whole bunch of them. At the time, I was just 'collecting to collect them' but now I'm finding other creative ways to wear them. There are lots of tutorials online on all the fresh new ways you can wear your scarves besides on your head and draped over your shoulders. If you haven't already, its worth it to look into this style recipe.

3. There's a reason why fashion experts tell us to use accessories often; everything from belts and jewelry to brooches and even hair accessories. Accessories jazz up any outfit and can transform it from one type of look to another seamlessly.

Bags with colorful prints and designs, shoes and even wristwatches are good pieces to invest in. It doesn't matter how basic you think an outfit is, with the right accessories you can go from basic to bad-ass in a minute.

4. Mixing and matching is something I'm still honestly just starting to dip my toes into because I'm always scared to come out looking clownish. For this style recipe, the key is to start small if you are like me and are a bit hesitant to go big at first. For me, I will stick with mixing my african pieces with jeans/skirts and then maybe mixing fabrics and solid colors before doing anything crazy like mixing bold prints and patterns. However, if you are not afraid to mix and match prints or colors or patterns, this is a great style recipe to explore.

5. DIY - I like the idea of this style recipe and is one I should actually contract my mom to do more often for me, but is one I talk myself into thinking I can do myself when I try to cut my jeans to make them shorter or sew on buttons or pearls to jazz up a plain top. If you are good at DIY-ing, then by all means take good advantage of that to update your wardrobe.

6. Thrift like a boss -  Everyone and their mama's mama has gotten into thrifting because we have all clearly figured out that its a great way to get more for less. The key to thrifting like a boss is to be patient as you look through racks and piles of stuff; there is almost always a guarantee that you will walk out with something cool and unexpected.

7. Tailor pieces to fit well - Whether you need to let clothes out or take them in to fit properly, this is a good style recipe to adopt. Sometimes you want that fitted top to have a more baggy look and tailoring an already owned item in your closet is the way to do it. This is another area where my mom comes in handy for me. She's great at sewing but me.....I wouldn't know what to do with a needle and thread even if you handed me a manual😊

8. Shopping your mom and dad's closets is my 8th and final style recipe for updating your wardrobe. Having an already built in store of clothes to choose from with mom and dad's stuff is wonderful in my opinion. We are already wearing over-sized, retro and vintage clothes so what better place to shop for free than in good ol' dad and mom's wardrobes?

It's crazy that we have to come up with more ingenious ways to be fashionable today without necessarily always shopping. I can't imagine what we'll be doing in 5 years with our fashion but I'm certainly excited to see. In the meantime, I hope you consider trying out these 8 style recipes to update your 2019 wardrobe.

Always Love 💘


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