Thursday, June 27, 2019


Linda Ikeji, Funke Akindele Bello and Sisi Yemmie are just a few women around the same age as me who have become super successful by being dogged about about their goals and the pursuit of them.

Dimma Umeh, Patricia Bright, Laura Ikeji and Adanna Steinacker are another group of young women excelling in their fields from hard work, smart work and dare I say, grace and favor. Age has not been a barrier to theirs or the huge success of the many other women, old and young, we see today. So who is the goal getter woman? And could she be you?

The goal getter woman is any independent minded woman who knows what she wants and is fearless about how to get it. She maximizes her strengths and refuses to let her weaknesses or short comings deter her from reaching or accomplishing her goals. She is never discouraged by a No response to something but carries herself with a sense of self assuredness mixed with a healthy dose of confidence that is obvious to those around her. Her age has never been a factor to success for the goal getter woman, neither does she allow herself be intimidated by the boys or the voices that try to convince her she is unworthy of her aspirations. This is a woman with wisdom enough to understand that the acquisition of material things alone does not equal success but that it is the sum total of all the things that make her heart smile, spirit soar and soul come to life.

I am writing about the goal getter woman because I have only recently become her. Maya Angelou calls her Phenomenal Woman because she is uniquely herself without offering apologies and SHE is who I have become. Battered but never broken, bruised but never beaten, that's the goal getter woman. Sit with her for a while and you will hear of her many struggles but see only strength in her stories, you will feel all of her pain but experience her immense power through it all. She pursues her goals for posterity sake so that her sons and daughters will know that there is more to her than just being the vessel through which they came to be, whose breasts they suckled and more than the multiple daily roles she plays as cook, nurse, protector and spiritual guide. The goal getter woman is a praying woman who recognizes that her super powers are God given so whenever she feels depleted, she plugs back into her one true source.

I am the goal getter woman. I am not who society wants me to be or who a man tells me to be. I am created to be more than just the plumpness of my lips and the movement of my hips. I am more than what you see and love that with each and every passing day, more and more I see the goal getter woman in me.

Always Love 💘


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