Saturday, June 15, 2019


I'm searching for a style evolution to go along with my new age of life😊 even though my mom keeps telling me I'm not 40 yet!! My fashion has evolved overtime from being more tomboyish in my teens and 20s to casual and sometimes girly in my 30s. What therefore should my 40s signature style be?

I've been looking up some of my favorite style bloggers and pouring through Pinterest hoping to find an aesthetic that speaks to not only who I am now but also who I'm trying to become. Who might that be you may ask? I haven't the foggiest idea but certainly a more polished, poised and put together version of myself now and I'm enjoying gathering all the inspiration I need to help me along the way.

Certain styles have been resonating more with me of late and one of the ones that immediately jump out at me is the MINIMALIST style.

Sleek, clean and unfussy seems to be one way my life and style are heading towards. Having a style profile that says a lot without saying too much at the same time is a direction I'm keen on taking my style when I enter into my 40s. One celebrity that comes to mind whose style screams minimalistic chic is Victoria Beckham and I'm attracted to mimicking the idea of her simple yet sophisticated silhouette and color palette. I want to keep my accessories to a minimum but invest in a few key pieces that are sure to elevate my style everyday no matter what may be fashionable at the time.

The RETRO look is another style profile I'm loving obviously for its infusion of past trends and styles into today's modern fashion.

I'm an 80s baby and I still remember all the cool styles from that era as well as the 90s. I like the idea of having some 'vintage inspired' pieces reflect in my new age style but still maintaining a fresh modern twist to my looks.

A CHIC fashion style is equally an appealing route for me to take because I think it sits well with the image I'm going for. Looking smart and striking yet casual but not so casual is one ideal way I would like to present myself moving forward.

Having a closet full of strong colors and well tailored designs is worth looking into for my 40s style. The misconception I've always had was that chic meant expensive but now I know all that it means is 'expensive looking'.

Perhaps just an elevated version of my current style is all I really need which is CASUAL fashion. This simple style is a combination of comfort and elegance and is more me than any of the other above mentioned ones.

A T-Shirt over a pair of jeans, leggings or pants with some cute footwear has always been the kind of style I gravitate to so maybe that's what I should be sticking with and retaining as my 40s signature style.

At the end of the day, I realize that the fashion sphere is filled with so many trends to choose from and regardless of which style I go with, I need to make it stand out by putting my own spin on things. What's your current signature style and do you feel the need to elevate it as you get older? Comment below..

Always Love 💘


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