Thursday, June 6, 2019


Is it a secret that millennials have actually taken over the world? The rest of us are just living in that world at this point. Say what you will about them but millennials have influenced to a large extent a lot of the way we think about and do things today.

They challenge us to think differently about old assumptions regarding everything from how women are treated in the workplace, to the 'one size fits all' mindset about learning processes to inclusivity and acceptance. So in view of this and a whole lot more, do you tend to ask yourself the same question I've been asking myself of late which is where you fit in today's millennial world? Maybe we can try to figure this out together...

2019 all of a sudden has us all shouting to be heard, wearing the boldest, brightest and most outrageous outfits to be seen and doing things out of our norm to be acknowledged and this I believe has been brought on by the millennial era. These days, millennials are changing the game and seem to be the most important demographic people seek to appeal to regardless of whatever business one is into; from internet-related to the pages of our favorite magazines. After much thought and research, I have been able to pinpoint  a few ways to help those of us from earlier generations figure out how and where we fit in today's millennial world.

  • Some would argue that millennials are impatient and selfish but maybe they just want more for themselves are not afraid to ask for it. It doesn't have to be any different for the rest of us; we should be more vocal and confident about demanding for what we know we deserve whether it be from our jobs, our relationships or even from ourselves.
   " ...millennials just want more for themselves and are not afraid to ask for it"

  • Millennials are dedicated and passionate about living full, happy lives and are not afraid to let their passions drive them. We can take a cue from this by tapping into the things that bring us joy. Wouldn't you feel like the ultimate party pooper among your colleagues for instance when you're the only one not happy to be at your job because it's not what you are passionate about?

  • The concept of over-sharing on social media may have been introduced and increased by this liberated group. Even if you may not be entirely comfortable taking pictures every second of what meal you're having or where you're going on date night, thanks to millennials we know that social media is the quickest and surest way to get your brand or business seen by millions in a moment. There are so many platforms to choose from so select one that resonates most with you and the demographic you are trying to appeal to.

  •  If there is one generation that completely understands and embraces the concept of diversity, it is the millennial generation. They are color blind, status blind, background blind and can connect with just about any culture. If we learn nothing from this bunch, we should emulate them in this regard.
Let's face it, there used to be a time our parents didn't understand the things we were doing either so it's safe to say that nothing would ever change if each generation did the same things that generations before them did. Things change and for as long as we are alive to witness these changes, we would do well to adjust and figure out where we fit especially in today's millennial world.

How do you think older generations can fit in today? I think that those from my generation ( Gen X) particularly need to understand where we fit in today for our own good and if we are to thrive in any way, shape or form. What are your thoughts on this? 

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