Saturday, October 5, 2019


Usually, I bring you fashion finds on the first Saturday of the month and that has not changed but my girl, Toyosi reached out to me to do an Independence Day makeup collaboration with  her to celebrate our country Nigeria turning 59 on the 1st of October.

If you do not already know, Toyosi and and I are Nigerians who relocated to the United States at different times but we still very much identify with our heritage and culture through our foods, fashion and music. My makeup look is very reflective of the Nigerian people, the Nigerian culture, music, style and overall vibe and if you have ever come across a Nigerian, then you know that this describes us to an absolute T.

For my look, I opted for something really simple and easy and that is mainly because I'm not that into makeup anymore. I am of Igbo heritage (mixed with some Yoruba flavor) and a lot of our traditional attires consist of black, red, white, yellow and gold colors. It was on this premise that I chose to create my look using those same colors ever so lightly from my Morphe Artistry and Profusion palettes.

This is minimal makeup at its finest if you ask me and if you noticed, I also am staying away from applying false lashes because...stress! I actually rocked this look out to date night yesterday and purposely tied my favorite Ankara scarf on my head, paired with a white shirt dress and sandals for a complete casual look.

Toyosi on the other hand went super glam with her look and outfit because she is makeup personified! She brings the slay with her sultry eye makeup, complete with flattering falsies and a bold pink lip.

As you can see, her outfit clearly matches her makeup as she is decked out in the most beautiful and chic green/white sequin dress with a turban to match.

This is your modern day elegant wedding guest drip coming through. Everything is the right amount of sophisticated glam you would expect from a beauty influencer.

Toyosi asked why I love being Nigerian and my response was because we are an incredibly hardworking and creative people. We are literally bursting with talent, a lot of it unfortunately untapped but always the life of any party. 

For Toyosi, she loves being Nigerian because in her opinion, regardless of our multitude of struggles, we always find ways to cheer ourselves up either by partying with friends or enjoying a nice fun day out with loved ones. She adds that Nigerians are literally FASHUN. We dress to impress every single time and are usually the centre of attention wherever we go.

Proudly Nigerian any day, any time. We may still be experiencing a lot of injustice, corruption and struggle but Nigerians are incredibly resilient. We always hold on to the hope that things will get better with a can-do attitude to every endeavor.

Happy Independence once again to my fellow Nigerians and here's hoping that we continue to change the negative narrative we have at home and in diaspora. Thanks to my girl Toyosi for another great collaboration and to see her video on how she created this and other stunning looks, check out her YouTube channel here and be sure to subscribe before you go.

Always Love 💕


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