Tuesday, October 15, 2019


Are you the kind of parent who finds themselves always worrying about their child? Do you find that you baby your children even when they're old enough to take care of themselves? If you answered yes, then you can expect to worry and baby your child when you find out he/she has sickle cell anemia 100 times more than usual.

Whether you are a first time parent or have more than one child, your immediate instinct once you hold your little one in your arms for the first time is to protect them from every and any thing that could hurt them. You never want them to feel pain, physical or emotional. So when a health concern like sickle cell anemia happens, you feel almost helpless.

However, if you have ever figured yourself to be the 'tough love' kind of parent who feels that's the best parenting style to adopt, here's some of what you can and should expect when you find out your child has a blood disorder like sickle cell anemia:

- Worry: it's constant and never ending
- Fear: any crisis or complication immediately sends you into a panic
- Anxiety: You feel it anytime they are out of your sight especially when they are at school
- Guilt: You blame yourself for all of their pain and suffering
- Sadness: Naturally your heart will break every time they have to be hospitalized or suffer a crisis

It's not all doom and gloom thankfully because I know most times it will definitely feel like that but you should also expect to:

- bond with your child on a different and intimate level
- be more in tune and sensitive to their needs; both physically and emotionally
- teach them the importance of self love, self acceptance and strength
- find the strength and support you need from other parents, support groups and friends

It's certainly not easy but it can be done. My sister is in her 20s now and she is super self sufficient, independent and incredibly strong. My mom had to teach her all those things and now she takes care of herself even though we are all still here to do it at the times when she physically can't.

Keep your heads up moms and dads, you've got this!!

Always Love 💕


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