Saturday, November 9, 2019


So its Saturday and time for yet another review! Told ya'll I had a lot of them coming and with any luck, I'll get really good at this review writing thing.

I can't tell you how lovely it felt for me to discover so many cute restaurants, cafes and sports bars in the summer. Like my post last week highlighting some of the gorgeous dining and shopping options in Frisco, the Chop Shop is one of those cute places I found and loved.

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More than just your average chop shop, this feel good lunch spot (breakfast, brunch or dinner even) is full of healthy delicious meal options with drinks to match. Even though my first time here didn't involve ordering any food, which I will most certainly be doing by my next visit just based off of the images on Instagram, I fell completely in love with the interior and exterior decor of the restaurant that it was worthy of a review.

First off, its almost as if the air in here was just as fresh and clean as the food menu. Beautiful rich earth and brown tones give the interior space such a warm and cozy feeling that you do not typically get at restaurants or cafes.

It didn't feel like I was in a public dining space at all, rather it felt like I was sitting in my mom's house smelling the good food and feeling all the good vibes. Perhaps even giving off that school cafeteria feeling that brings all your friends together to gossip about all the cute boys and all our cute fashion. Again, less about the food and more about the vibe!

Even the unfinished style of the ceilings didn't make the chop shop feel any less cozy or inviting. It is a nice added touch to the overall aesthetic with all of the strategically placed lights that I imagine give the interior a more intimate feel at night time. I can imagine the busyness of this place when its buzzing with girlfriends, couples, families and colleagues talking excitedly, enjoying the food and taking cute pictures for the gram.

I found the exterior of the restaurant to be just as impressive as the interior with a more vibrant yellow color for diners to enjoy along with the warm/hot summer or cool fall breeze.

It was clearly a more quiet day when I stopped by so that gave me the chance to take these photos without intruding on anyone's dining experience.

As soon as I get a moment, I'm coming back to the Chop Shop just to have some feel good food!

Will you be visiting The Chop Shop anytime soon? You ought to if you are ever in the area. The Original ChopShop is located at 5717, Legacy Drive, Suite 180, Plano, TX 75024 with other locations in Irving and the Dallas area.

Always Love 💕


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