Saturday, November 16, 2019


Taking a break from the reviews for a moment, let's get back into the fashion for a little bit shall we? Being the budget fashionista that I am, I try to find pieces that look cute but don't cost me an eye and both kidneys.

This applies to everything from clothes and accessories to makeup and skincare and of course footwear. Today's shopping finds features some of the footwear I bought and rocked during the summer.

Upon looking through my collection, I found that I was seriously lacking in the 'sandals and slippers' department so naturally I set out to correct that pronto. I knew I would find a ton of cute summer footwear at all of the usual places I personally love to shop so Forever21, Target and Walmart were my go-to for budget friendly finds.

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I definitely wanted to add some color to my collection so I got this bright yellow and orange set of slippers from Forever 21 that retailed for $7 each. I never got to actually style either of them with outfits but now that I have them, best believe they will be making their fashionable debut next summer.

Next are these two sandals I got on clearance from Target at $5 each. I bought these close to when summer was due to be over so I was only able to rock the white pair which you saw me style here in my collaboration post. I really like the gold hardware detailing on the brown pair and think 'gladiator' instantly when I look at them. Excited to style these next summer as I'm sure they would look really good with a flowery mini sun dress and matching brown or earth tone purse.

These black flats are from Walmart and retailed for just under $10 which I wore recently to the mall on a not-so-cold fall day (follow me on Instagram to see how I style looks @ibogirlliving). Usually, I do not like a pointed flat shoe but these are not bad at all.

This white pair of slippers also from Forever 21 has got to be my favorite of the bunch. It's comfortable, stylish and looks good paired with anything. The reason I didn't rock this as much is because my mom kept stealing them.....this is what I deal with ya'll... I believe these retailed for about $5. 

These H&M black sandals are the ones that got the most wear of the lot this summer. They cost just $10 and I found myself always reaching for them to wear out as you can see below

                                      (Movie day with the bae)

                                       (Shopping trip to Burlington)

                                       (Dinner at Star Asian Buffet)

Were you a sandal and slipper girl this summer or were you more on a sneaker vibe? I've always loved sandals in particular for the simple fact that I like to be comfy and they have a way of uncomplicating a busy outfit or jazzing up a simple one.

Until next weekend my darlings...

Always Love 💕


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