Saturday, November 2, 2019


From the very first time my boyfriend took me to visit Frisco, I knew I would keep coming back and I also knew that I wanted to one day be able to capture the loveliness of the city in pictures.

What's not to love about Frisco? It's the perfect melting pot for the young and young at heart. I keep raving about the vibe of this place and you will see in a minute precisely what I mean. The famous 'Shops At Legacy' is where everyone comes to hang out; whether you are looking to shop, grab a bite to eat or just chill out by the lake, there is something for everyone.

I'm not going to do a whole lot of writing in this post because I want the pictures to speak for themselves which I hope do enough justice to this chic city. 


First off, it's always packed like I said so seeing a string of cars lined up in front of the many shops and restaurants is not a foreign sight.

The Angelika Film Centre & Cafe is where residents come to watch movies and dine if they don't want to leave the area to visit other movie theaters.

Beautiful stores like this Indian place are littered all over with bright, beautiful colors that catch the eye and draw you in instantly.

I talk so much about the lake here because it's just that beautiful. There's always folks taking pictures, walking their favorite furry creatures and just sitting on any of the numerous benches with their loved ones cuddling, talking and holding hands.

Across the street from the lake is everybody's favorite coffee shop, Starbucks. Grab your choice of cappuccino, frappuccino or hot chocolate head to the lake or sit outdoors and enjoy the beautiful scenery.

You have multiple options of spas for the ladies and bars for the guys. The Ginger Man is one bar in particular that people love to come to because there is apparently a carving on the walls that bears a striking resemblance to our Lord Jesus.  Tell me if you see it!

Sambuca is a mix between a bar and cafe I believe where there is live music to keep you entertained and having tons of fun. Bae and I will be date night-ing it up here really soon.

Everywhere is within walking distance for the residents. All you have to do is literally walk out of your front door and Voila! Spoiled for choice on places to hang out with friends and family.

Again, regardless of personal taste and style, there are plenty of options for dining and shopping.

And there you have it! I could come here every single weekend and not get bored at all. Have you been to the shops at legacy before? You should if you haven't, I guarantee you'll love it!

Enjoy your weekend babes and for you guys who celebrate, hope you had a happy halloween!

Always Love 💕


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