Thursday, November 7, 2019


Two weeks ago, I attended Chase Oaks Church for the 2nd time and the sermon was centered around how really disruptive Jesus is and can be but in the best way.

If we look at our own lives today and compare it to how or where we figured we would be by now, more often than not, things have gotten disrupted along the way.

I found the topic really interesting especially in my life and how it was completely disrupted a few short years ago. The question becomes how are you using your disruptive story to effect change in your life and the lives of others? What's your disruptive story? Has the disruption crippled your growth, made you bitter or better?

Using my story as an example, I probably would have never gotten the courage to start a blog had circumstances not forced me to move here. I could never have understood the power of my own strength or how to trust God 1000% if my brother had not died and had my whole world turn totally upside down. Yes, I was bitter in the very beginning not knowing if I would ever find my way back to peace but thank God I did. I channeled that energy into something positive by creating a safe space for myself through which I am able to educate and share with others. My disruptive story has become my most powerful weapon, reflected in my writing, my transition and in my relationship.

When you allow the disruptions in your own life affect you negatively, you fail to see what they could be trying to teach you. Life is for learning but how does one begin to learn if there is no hurt, loss, disappointment, change or growth? How do you gain strength, resilience or learn patience and forgiveness without those disruptions? There are no 2 life stories that could ever be the same, not with siblings or twins even. We are all called to live individually but with sufficient help along the way. That help only becomes truly accessible when you allow yourself go through what was intended for you with a mindset to learn and grow.

Everyone has a plan/purpose - the ones we have for ourselves and the ones God has for us. Allow the disruptions that God therefore permits to happen bring you closer to your calling. You can show others through your story and help them navigate their own disruptions effectively. Your disruptive story will teach others how and why to display strength through their struggles. Tyler Perry, Oprah Winfrey, sickle cell patients, abuse survivors, orphans, you , me , we all have our stories and so we owe it to ourselves to allow those disruptions change us for the better.

What is your disruptive story? Are you allowing it elevate you or relegate you to the background? Let this day mark the beginning of you allowing those momentary life interruptions teach you everything they are meant to.

Care to share your disruptive story? You never know who's reading or who you could possibly be helping?

Always Love 💕


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