Thursday, December 12, 2019


The holidays for all its merriment and the happy feelings it elicits can become an unbearable time for those who do not really have family or loved ones in their lives.

It can also be a time when you feel the most emotionally distant from a partner if the relationship has been struggling throughout the year. So for those dealing with any form of loneliness, the holidays magnify feelings of sadness and stress but there are ways to handle this and below are 3 ways you can cope with loneliness this season.

Understand that first and foremost the only way to truly overcome loneliness is by taking action. This is crucial to avoid feeling isolated during the holidays. When we feel lonely, it causes the mind to believe that others do not care about us and if one is not careful this kind of thinking can put a strain on our mental health and wellness. By reaching out to friends, family and even co-workers we may be close with, we are actually doing ourselves more good than harm. Reaching out in advance of the holidays and asking about what plans there are for Christmas or the New Year will almost always result in an invitation to participate in those plans if you express that you have none of your own so take the risk and do not be afraid to reach out.

There are different charitable organizations and groups always looking for volunteers over the holiday period to help bring cheer to people struggling with illnesses, homelessness etc. You can sign up to be one of those volunteers and by helping others, it makes you feel better about any lonely feelings you have about the holidays. This is also an excellent way to meet new people and form friendships that hopefully will last through the holiday season and beyond.

It is true when they say that being lonely is very different from being alone. Loneliness often times can be self imposed because there are people around and in our lives but we choose to stay isolated for reasons that are sometimes real but more often perceived. The holiday season is the best time to work on these connections that already exist. Whether with family or friends, making the commitment to get closer will improve emotional ties over the holidays and well after that.

As a final tip, there are so many things you can do by yourself to cheer you up such as binge watching as many of your favorite TV shows and movies as possible, ordering your favorite foods from places you like to eat, indulging in some retail therapy or even pampering yourself with a nice staycation in a hotel and having spa days to treat yourself.

Practicing self love at any time you need to is never over-rated especially during this time of year. Make it a point to enjoy yourself as much as you want because there's no-one else around to fuss and stress over and have  a happy holiday!

Always Love 💕


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