Tuesday, December 3, 2019


The holiday season is officially in full effect. That means cold windy days and unfortunately for sickle cell patients, its the time of year where they need to take extra precautions with their health.

Staying warm and hydrated are of utmost importance but then again this doesn't have to mean wearing unflattering or ill fitting clothes. Wearing just anything in the name of looking good is obviously unreasonable but looking your best is certainly achieveable and here's how you can look good for the holidays even if you have sickle cell.

                                               Layering Is Necessary But Equally Fashionable

We know that exposure to cold air and winds may trigger a crisis so dress in layers to not only stay warm but looking good as well. Well tailored coats, jackets and blazers will do both jobs effectively.

                                                        Go Glossy Rather Than Matte

It may not seem like much but matte lipsticks in the colder months and seasons are incredibly drying. The effect of this on the lips could mean chapped or broken lips and this is not a good look for anyone least of all sickle cell patients. Going glossy is your best bet.

                                                          Hats, Gloves & Scarves Too

Even while layering, make sure to not forget that hats, gloves and scarves also make a fashionable not just a functional statement. Invest in some good ones and rock them with pride.

                                                            Boots! Boots!! Boots!!!

Ankle length, knee length or above the knee boots all help with limiting your exposure to the cold thus not compromising your health. Boots do a better job than sneakers in that sense especially in the Fall and are another way to look good during the holidays

                                                             No Embargo On Colors

Feel free to wear beautiful bright or warm tone colors that complement your personal style. Fortunately for all of us, there are no bans on colors we can wear this season.

These may appear simple enough but remember that what you wear also impacts how you feel to a large extent. There's no reason to not look your best even if you don't exactly feel your best in this festive season. But dress your best anyway, look cute and enjoy the holidays like everyone else.

Always Love 💕


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