Saturday, January 25, 2020


In fashion, there are always new trends that seem to come successively one after the other. Some of these trends can be entirely outrageous while others are tame in comparison.

Either way, a lot of fashion gals and guys around the world often follow these trends blindly compromising their own personal styles in an effort to be seen as hip and trendy.

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Personal style is indifferent to trends that are hot one minute and not in the next. Whether one claims to be a minimalist with their style choices, conservative, glam, girly. edgy, bohemian or simply casual, whatever is trending should merely be infused into personal style rather than overhaul it completely. People should be able to guess what your personal style is just by looking at you. Yes you can absolutely incorporate other elements from other style profiles but your personal style signature should not get lost in the sauce.

With that out of the way, what exactly should your personal style say about you? There's a few things but these 3 are key:

1. Your personal style should reflect how confident you are: 99% of the time, I'm that casual girl who will add a touch of glam or bohemian elements to her style. I'm most confident in this style because I'm comfortable and have some of my best assets accentuated. My hips and legs are those assets I like to play up with form fitting clothes.

2. Personal Style should say who you are without you having to speak a word: In other words, your personal style should have one or more signature items that become part of your style identity. For me, those items would be a classic white sneaker, fingers full of rings and a wrist of bracelets. These are my style sweet spots and chances are I will always feature one or all of these signature items in my look.

3. Personal Style should always play up your style strengths: This means that your personal style is what makes you feel powerful. Some women can rock a suit better than a man while others can style a maxi or midi dress like a pro. You feel your most powerful when your style reflects how good you are at interpreting your signature looks. Celebrities like Jennifer Lopez, Rihanna and Zendaya are masters at playing up their style strengths. JLO is an expert at flattering her beautiful curves, Rihanna is the queen of tough-meets-glam while Zendaya does mature-edgy like nobody else I've seen.

If you are still playing around with styles you like and haven't quite figured out your own personal style, there are ways to help. One of such ways is to look through the items you currently have in your closet and the pieces you have the most of is a key to finding what your unique style is and what you are naturally drawn to. Just remember that style is about being yourself and having fun so dibble and dabble till you find that style signature that is unmistakeably you.

What is your personal style and what do you think it says about you? Leave comments why don't you 😊

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