Thursday, January 23, 2020


Confidence is one thing I know that we all really want and want more of if we even claim to have it at all. I like to think that I'm a fairly confident woman but I for sure could use much more of it particularly for this next phase of life I'm working my way into.

How do we walk into that intimidating space and somehow manage to command the entire room with only our presence? How do we carry ourselves in a manner that forces our energy to exude the kind of confidence others admire? I've been doing some research and in my own words, here's 4 actions I picked up from the 'experts' that can make you more confident in the new year:

1. The experts say to 'visualize yourself as you want to be' by overcoming self doubt. In my teenage years, I struggled with having a positive image of myself because I didn't like the way I looked physically. It was hard for me to visualize myself as beautiful or confident. I know that confidence should not be measured by one's beauty but back then I really believed that because I wasn't pretty enough, I could never be confident enough to move beyond my own limiting self doubt. Whatever abilities I may have had meant nothing without beauty. It has taken years of personal growth and self evaluation to accept that I AM beautiful in my own way and to see myself as more than what I look like.

2. Being confident is nothing more than believing in yourself. Experts say that one key to being more confident is to act like it. Body language and the way you carry yourself should exude the kind of confidence you want to exhibit in your daily life. Little things like standing up straight and walking with purposeful strides can instantly boost confidence. Remember that where your body goes, your mind follows.

3. Relationships are one main area of concern for people who have confidence issues and this is because they have yet to learn how to love themselves first according to experts. Self love is crucial to feeling confident enough to know that you are deserving of love from someone else. Loving yourself means you know how you want someone else to love you but without this understanding, emotional abuse from a partner is more likely and there is the risk of believing that this is the kind of love you deserve.

4. The act of facing your fears is a confidence booster like no other says experts. In the past one year, I've done a few things that have scared me and doing so has made me more confident in my abilities. They say that when we do something that scares us, we are saying to ourselves that 'we are good enough'. We are affirming not only our abilities but our intelligence and so our confidence levels increase.

This post is not to suggest that there is an underlying reason or reasons why we may lack confidence. It only acknowledges that we can be even more confident than we already are by observing to do the 4 actions mentioned above. This new decade should allow no room for  negative thinking/thought patterns, limiting beliefs or fears of any kind for you and I. 

The take away word here for you is ACTION. We do not become more confident by doing nothing so resolve to take action and set yourself up to win every time,

What do you do to be confident or more so? What tips can you share in the comments for us to try to be more confident in  2020? Let's talk..

Always Love 💓


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