Thursday, January 30, 2020


At the end of the day, we all want to be in relationships that make us happy. We want to do all of the things we enjoy with that special someone and we can only hope that our special someone feels the same way about us.

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Truth be told though, we don't always end up getting the things we want and that's in life and even in relationships. For the latter, I mean more than material things but in terms of time and attention. Most of the time, the lack of harmonious existence with our significant other is due to the busyness of life and other more seemingly pressing priorities.

It gets tough to create the time to spend together; putting in that quality time seems more and more elusive and damned near almost impossible to do BUT there is hope. In 2020, we want things to change, we want more time together, more date nights and activities to bond us even more. How do we achieve that? What are the ways we can get more of what we need from our relationships this year? Here are my top 5 tips:

1. Create A Couple Ritual/Routine: Other than date nights, the bae and I have a few things we like to do that ensures we get more out of our relationship. For instance saying 'good morning, good night and checking in with each other in between' is an absolute must for us when we are not together. This simple activity is our way of letting the other know that we are thinking of them but more than that, we use this time to update each-other on other things like work, we make weekend plans and follow up on things we may have discussed before. Couple rituals are a sure way to get more time with your partner and therefore more from your relationship.

2. Set 'Couple Goals': More than just the mere praise you get on social media from posting a pretty picture which insinuates that yours is the standard for modern day relationships, couple goals here means being actual bffs and lovers. One goal you can set as a couple is to commit to learning together. Being in an interracial relationship, my partner and I make it a point to teach each other about our cultures, belief systems, etc. This keeps things fresh for us and can also do the same for your relationship irrespective of it being an interracial relationship or not.

3. Make Regular Staycation Plans: Staycations are the popular alternative to an otherwise expensive vacation abroad. We all can't afford that so the once a month weekend R and R is just what the doctor ordered as your escape from the daily grind. Whatever staycations look like for you, they have a magical way of fanning the flames of your love leaving you eagerly anticipating your next staycation together.

4. Kiss Each Other More: It is natural for the passion to wane a little bit after being together for a while and at this point, that all day slobbering is almost non-existent. Little pecks on the cheek, kissing each other's hand at random moments or even a spur of the moment make out sesh can do wonders for your relationship. These types of kisses linger a lot longer even after they are over so keep the kissing alive friends.

5. Unplug: One thing I really appreciate about my relationship is how 'present' we are with each other when we are together. Luckily, my guy is not a social media person so phones and other electronics never distract us when spending time. The only instance when there's a phone in his hand is when he's taking pictures of me 😊😊.

These all sound pretty simple but they are easy ways to get more of what you need from your relationship this year. They remind you of how you feel about each other and how important the relationship is to both of you.

Will you be trying any of the above ways to improve your relationship in 2020? Leave your  comments below if you please.

Always Love 💓


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