Thursday, January 9, 2020


The beginning of every new year finds plenty of people (myself included) living on their soap boxes. The 'gonna do this and wanna do that' pandemonium resonating from literally every corner is real.

You have the "New Year, New Me' folks; the ones who swear they're going to finally get in shape, get rid of all the toxic people in their lives and will no longer be afraid to put themselves first. Then there are the "New Year, Same Me" group; the ones who say nothing is changing except to continue being better versions of themselves. Then we have the "Visionboarders" who are speaking things into existence through visualization and consistently working towards seeing their goals one by one come to fruition.

Whichever category you belong to, focus and consistency should be at the forefront of your efforts. Whether health, money, love or spiritual goals, they all take work. Work that requires dedication, determination and a level of doggedness consistent with a person who is dead serious about living their best life.

2020 holds tremendous promise and I feel like for a lot of us, the new decade is one that we are all excited for. Many of us will be celebrating hallmark birthdays and for me in particular, I'm really looking forward to turning 40 like I've probably already mentioned a zillion times. I feel like it has taken me this long to find myself, identify what makes me happy and unapologetic about the things (or people) that no longer do. I feel liberated in the sense that I've conquered years of uncertainty, peer pressure, bad friendships and toxic relationships. I've overcome making the hard decisions to stay working at jobs that made me miserable and in situations that I unknowingly gave permission to lessen me.

So in 2020, I turn 40 with gratitude. I'm in a space I love, with a man I love and feeling great about the new me, new year and new decade.

What are you most excited for in 2020? Please share in the comments below.

Always Love 💓


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