Thursday, January 16, 2020


In 2019 and the years prior, I wasn't too pressed on vision boards nor did I care to understand the concept of a vision board. I would write things down that I wanted to achieve but I'm not sure that I did the work necessary to make those things happen.

2020 is a little different as I've gotten a clearer understanding about how vision boards work and so I'm doing THE WORK now to make sure I'm ready for the things I want to happen in my life.

But let me take you back to 2019 for a sec to take a look at some of the things I wanted to have happen. What was on my 'vision board' for 2019 and how did I really do? One thing I wanted to make a habit was talking to God more. I know we all say that but for me, I wanted to feel like I could talk to God about any and everything, like He was a friend that I could bear all my burdens to. I needed to see my Father not as this far away spiritual being that I didn't feel worthy of approaching but rather as a close friend and confidant. Talking to Him in such a personal way made my relationship with the Almighty feel more real and tangible. He felt closer to me and I to Him and I'm bringing that same energy into 2020 because I need Him for this next phase of my life and for every one after.

In 2019, I wanted to find my person and like most people wanting this, I made a list (scratch that, I made several of all the qualities he needed to have that were non-negotiable. Long story short, I found my boo online in May after being encouraged by a good friend to give dating apps a try.

I wanted to stay consistent with exploring and immersing myself in my creative side with my blog and writing which I'm happy that I did do. This was important to me first because I wanted to get comfortable with my style and tone of writing and second to really hone in on my niche. I believe I've done that somewhat successfully and 2020 will just be a continuation of that.

For someone who didn't put a lot of effort or energy to vision boards last year, I think I did pretty okay with at least the three things I wanted to work on. It was necessary for me to understand where I was in my life last year and grow at a speed that felt comfortable. I've learned that its okay to take things a step at a time and recognize what's realistic for me in the stage that I'm in. 2020 will be no different in that regard but the Vision Board is up and we move. Maybe I will do a 6 month check in to see where I'm at with my goals and what things I may need to do differently.

Have you started on your 2020 Vision Board? Remember that you have to put in the work before you can attract the vision and see it come to reality. My word for this year is FLOURISH and by the grace of God, the flourishing has already begun.

Always Love 💓


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