Saturday, February 15, 2020


My Friends,

Been there for as long as I can remember
For everything and then some
Through the highs & the lows, making me stronger
Knowing that I'm never alone

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My Sisters,

Not related by blood but by loyalty
Not always together but never far away
Girlfriends that became family
Always there whether in the night time or day

To Sandra,

From my manager to bossom friend
We clicked like avocado on toast
Rocking with me from one part of the world to the other end
Never judging me for always doing the most

To Toyosi,

My college sister from years ago
We lost touch for a while but reconnected and didn't miss a single beat
Hearing my story, offering your hand and never letting go
At your busy table, you offered me a seat

To My Namesake Tope,

My 'go to battle with whoever wherever friend', the craziest of them all
Supportive, super talented and always knowing how to cheer me up
Even though yourself you have been through a hell of a lot & juggling many balls
You have never not been there whenever I would call

To Amaka,

Words could never accurately express what your friendship means
Over the years, ours has been the one constant
You've battled with me through my losses and celebrated my wins with me
Never once leaving my side even through the distance

I don't usually surround myself with a bunch of females but these 4 have been tested and are my most trusted sister circle. I thank you all for what you have represented in my life; trust, support, loyalty, encouragement and honest friendship. I hope I have been to you what you have been to me and if I haven't or fallen off because of all the stuff going on in my life, this is my promise to do better. LOVE YOU GIRLS!!

Always Love 💓


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