Saturday, February 22, 2020


Wyndham Hotels & Resorts is the parent organization/owner of La Quinta Hotels. It was acquired in 2018 for over $1.9 billion, making La Quinta a world renowned yet budget friendly place to stay when you travel or just want to enjoy a lovely weekend staycation.

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La Quinta has hundreds of hotels across North, Central and South America and a few weeks ago while visiting Denton, I stayed at their location on University Drive. It was directly opposite the Holiday Inn & Suites which I imagine is to give visitors and travelers options for when they come to town.

                                                                CHECK IN & RECEPTION

Checking in was quick and easy with the staff that was friendly and helpful. The reception/waiting area was bright and colorful as well as spacious and clean. The hotel offers free breakfast every morning and the meal options are wide and varied. A generous selection of coffee, tea, yoghurt, juices and water are available to go with your meals.

                                                                       ROOM FEATURES & AMENITIES

My room was spacious, clean and comfortable. The bed smelled freshly laid with a note card that said "Ready For You" which I thought was a nice added touch.  The room also had a flatscreen television, bedside lamps, microwave, fridge and reading table which all complemented the decor of the room with their dark colored tones.

                                                                                 THE BATHROOM

My favorite thing was the bathroom because it was so spacious and clean. The cute way the towels were folded, the LED light on the mirror and extra toiletries all gave the bathroom that x factor that I enjoy in hotels.

The room had a lot of great natural light coming in during the day making it possible to take this cute picture and shoot a video for my YouTube channel. I thoroughly enjoyed my stay here and I'm glad I was able to write this review for you guys.

What hotel have you enjoyed staying at recently? Comment below and maybe I'll check it out!

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