Thursday, February 20, 2020


The fact that its not only a new year but also a new decade is making a lot of us subconsciously put pressure on ourselves to accomplish our new year goals, tick as many things off our vision boards as we possibly can, lose all the holiday weight we gained and find 'the one' before our next birthday.


I get it! I'm like you in that it can be hard to pace and not pressure myself too because I've also got a ton to do before the year ends. For me, it almost feels like if I don't have it all together by December 31st, then I've failed. Is it the same way for you? It's definitely a lot of pressure but we certainly do not have to be so self critical in 2020.

I know I have often confused 'putting pressure on myself' with having the tough self discipline I believe I lack sometimes to achieve a goal. So it gets hard for me to view the pressure as something negative if I'm getting the results I need.

Pacing oneself though does the opposite of pressuring oneself in that while the latter often elevates stress levels, the former does not. Pacing yourself means moving at a slower but more intentional speed in the direction you want to go and so in order to implement and maintain a new process of self governance this year, pressure should therefore be eliminated in these ways:

  •  Recognize - when you start to put undue pressure on yourself, take a step back and remind yourself to stop and pace yourself instead
  • Accept - any progress you make towards achieving your goal should be met with gratitude and appreciation for your efforts. Accept the pace with which you get things done
  • Plan - for when challenging moments come. Plan how you respond to the triggers that push you to put pressure on yourself
  • Implement - the new strategies or techniques that you come up with in the planning stage. I tend to use the word 'STOP' when I recognize that I've begun to put pressure on myself

These steps, when done repeatedly build a cycle of change from pressure to being able to pace oneself to reach or accomplish goals and a standard of living. Accept your weaknesses and those of others by learning to cut yourself some slack when mistakes happen. 

I think it's safe to say that we do not need to put any more unnecessary pressure on ourselves today over anything because the world already does enough of that. Hopefully, the above steps help point you in the right direction towards pacing and not pressuring yourself this year.

Always Love 💓


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