Thursday, February 6, 2020


'Use what you have to get what you want' is the saying we are all familiar with which more often than not gets used in negative contexts. 

It is attributed to mostly 'females', 'loose morals' and other such nonsense not realizing (or choosing not to realize) that this could equally be a motivational saying to push people to their greatness. Same thing applies to today's saying - USE WHERE YOU ARE TO GET WHERE YOU WANT because waiting for the right circumstances to present themselves before making a move on something will mean waiting a long time; perfect circumstances do not exist.

I regretfully admit that years ago, I 'chose' not to take advantage of my what I'm choosing to call 'waiting season' when nothing of significance was happening in my life. I could have used that time creatively but because I believed that my circumstances were unfavorable and that I had no real tools at my disposal, I did nothing but moan and groan. Time passed very slowly in my opinion and all I wanted was to get a job so I could start earning a paycheck. I sent out applications and the jobs came but went almost as quickly as they were here. With the way things were going, I thought I would loose my whole mind and it was here that I battled many negative thoughts about myself, moderate to severe depression and eventually ended up isolating myself from the world.

Fast forward years later and it would seem that not much has changed because my circumstances look somewhat similar but my mindset is very different. I'm creatively using where I am to get where I want and moments are no longer wasted as I strive to use every second productively. Building the blocks and laying the foundation to the future I see. Every now and then, self doubt, fear and hesitation try to hold me captive and render me motionless but I aggressively fight through them. Nope! Not Here! Not Today! Not Ever Again!!

So where am I now? Living with family, putting in the work and trusting that the universe has my back. But where am I going? The world. Making an impact with my passions by shining a brighter light on sickle cell issues and leading by example showing women that there are blessings in new beginnings.

Are you using where you are to get where you want? How so? Comment Below...

Always Love 💓


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