Saturday, February 29, 2020


I attended my first indoor soccer game in the summer last year at the Allen Event Center. It was a fun day out and for someone who cares very little for soccer, I quite enjoyed myself and really got into the game.

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I have gone a few more times since then and always dressed pretty casually as most folks would but on this occasion, I wanted to dress up a bit because it was date night and we were going to dinner afterwards. Dressing up for me sometimes only means adding one or two elements to elevate my style and take it from casual to dressed up.

I had on the basics of course with a T-shirt and my favorite pair of jeggings from Walmart then opted for black flats rather than the preferred sneaker. Sneakers may have worked in my favor on this day because it turned out to be much colder than expected plus it rained a little but who cares right? I was cute so that's all that matters...😊

The dressed up element first came in the form of this long black coat from TopShop that I scored from a thrift store for only $5.99. You will agree with me that black adds an element of elegance and class that is always flattering.

The second dressed up element for me was in the way I styled my hair. I had on my favorite afro wig that I tied up using another favorite, my ankara scarf. Bae kept complimenting me the entire night so it was definitely a good choice.

I tried to keep my makeup minimal and neutral but glowy enough to complement and tie the whole look together nicely. It was important for me to be comfortable but cute at the same time for myself and babe so I could enjoy our date which I did (and always do!😊)

What do you think of the look and what would you wear to an indoor soccer game date with your man? Comment Below

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