Saturday, March 21, 2020


2 Years of Writing! WOW!! Who woulda thought? I never really believed that I could keep this up for this long but here I am 2 years later still writing and loving it!

Writing about my past, current happenings and future projections has been exhilirating to say the least and a great release for me in more ways than one. More so, writing about things I've become passionate about like food, fashion and other lifestyle content has been fun. What started as my coping mechanism to deal with my brother's passing and divorce has morphed into something more that I hope will continue to make the impact it has on me and others.

So how have the last 2 years been? What has changed, what have I learned and where do I go from here? First, let me start with....

                                                        MY WRITING STYLE

Over the last 2 years, I have identified that my writing style is a healthy mix of descriptive and creative with a heavier lean on the descriptive from time to time. I've learned that I'm more comfortable writing about things I like or enjoy doing which doesn't necessarily follow any strict line of fact. So I only try to make my writings interesting to read when I talk about food, fashion or my hotel reviews.

                             GETTING COMFORTABLE WITH MY VOICE & TONE

I may not be the best writer or blogger but everyday I get more comfortable with my writing voice and tone. I aim to convey a sense of realness when I write particularly on sickle cell or relationship issues. I am also getting more comfortable and confident with identifying who my audience is so that when I write I feel like I'm speaking directly to them on issues they can relate with  and/or to.

                                                SOME HIGHLIGHTS OF MY JOURNEY

Most significant have been the increase in readership and the engagement via comments that I've gotten. Though these may not come as often or frequently as I would prefer, when they do come it says a lot because it means that someone somewhere connects with my content, appreciates it and looks forward to it. That makes me happy.

                                                      WHERE DO I GO FROM HERE?

The goal is to keep writing and getting better at it everyday. To one day  be able to make an income from it by writing for multiple online and offline platforms on varying lifestyle topics that interest me. Over the summer, I plan on taking the usual one month hiatus to recharge my juices and as usual make some new changes which I hope to be the last ones I make. I hope to continue consistently giving you content to look forward to 3 times a week and that you find confidence, strength, fearlessness and courage to go after and embrace the things you deserve.

Thank You for always coming back to Ibogirlliving and Cheers to more years of writing, growing and engaging with you 😘😘

Always Love 💓


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