Saturday, March 28, 2020


So after 2+ years of being a proud naturalista, I made the decision to go back to being relaxed. I could sit here and tell you that COVID-19 made me do it but that would not be the whole truth.

In all honesty, a number of factors influenced my decision and though I was planning on waiting till the summer before reverting, being stuck at home thinking of ways to entertain and distract myself only sped up the process. So why did I go back to relaxed from my 4C natural hair? Here's why..

1. Hormonal issues I have been going through had started to affect the quality and health of my once beautiful hair. Getting older is coming with its own unique challenges and maintaining my natural hair just got to be a lot.

2. I was going through excessive hair breakage irrespective of all the products I was using to try and prevent it.

3. Managing my natural hair was fast becoming an expensive and time consuming lifestyle. Everyday it seemed like there was a new product to buy or a new method to learn in order to keep up and after a while, I simply lost the enthusiasm to do it anymore.

4. No matter how many YouTube videos I watched, I always had trouble coming up with different ways to style my hair. Putting my hair in an updo was the only style I could manage on my own because ever since going natural, I never had my hair professionally done.

5. For some reason my hair/scalp had trouble absorbing products. After washing my hair, any products I would use always left residue that resulted in build up which meant an itchy scalp and flakiness. Wearing my hair out was becoming embarrassing for that reason alone because scratching meant there would be a rainfall of flakes aka a flake-fall!

6. The product build up was also making it impossible to keep my hair and scalp moisturized so I had to contend with either an even dryer scalp and coarse hair or resort to protective styles and wearing wigs which I wasn't always in the mood to do but had to majority of the time.

7. In addition to all the hair products, there was also the issue of the never ending hair accessories I had to have when managing my hair. Combs and brushes, pins, clips, special micro fiber towels, was exhausting trying to keep up.

I simply was not enjoying my hair anymore in its natural state. After the first 2 days post wash day, things became more and more difficult for me to manage. So for all of the above reasons, it only made sense for me to go back to being relaxed. I have heard that some women have instant regret once they revert but I did not experience that. It's been a few days since going back to processed hair and I feel like I made the right decision still. I still plan on taking care of my hair of course but in this state, its much more manageable and affordable for me to do. So even though I had planned to do this anyway, COVID-19 made me do it faster than scheduled.

Are you a naturalista? How have you been managing your hair? Maybe you have gone back or contemplating going back to being relaxed? What are your reasons? Share in the comments below and I should give you an update in the weeks to come.

Till Next Week my loves...

Always Love 💓


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