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Dating can be lots of fun but also hard and let's face it, the idea of 2 people coming together in the hopes of being able to blend lifestyles, beliefs and values successfully can be harder even. Add all that to being in a relationship with someone who isn't even the same race as you can be downright challenging.

Yet somehow we manage and have been able to figure out that at the end of the day, we all have the right to love who we love and make it work with them. 

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As you may or may not already know, I am currently in my first ever interracial relationship. My partner is from Argentina and we've been together 9 months already. This is new territory for me so it goes without saying that I've had to unlearn and re-learn a lot of things as well as open my mind to a new way of dating. Not only is my man of a different race, he's vegetarian, never been married and has no kids....a friggin' unicorn I know. 😄😄

So now you're probably wondering (or maybe not) how I've been able to have and maintain a successful interracial relationship for almost a year. It's been interesting for sure but I have tried to approach it like I would any other but this time doing all I can to ensure that things do not end up the same way my last relationship did. Here is some of what I've been doing:

1. (The First) Dates - For our first date, we went out to coffee and unlike other first dates I've had, I wasn't shy to talk about intentions, expectations and what the possibility of merging our lives would look like. There was open and honest conversation and all our dates after that have been the same with both of us willing to be open about our feelings no matter how hard it is.

2. Meeting The Family - He was very open to meeting my family and having me meet his sooner than I anticipated he would. It was important that we both had the love and support of our families early on before things got too serious, which we did and still do today. I go to all his family events and functions and vice versa and this has allowed us learn things about the other's culture.

3. Establishing A Routine Of Checks & Balances - With each month that we are together, we sit down and make it a point to assess how things are going for each of us in the relationship. We iron out our differences and hold each other accountable when we make a pact to change behaviour patterns before they cause unwanted issues that get blown out of proportion.

4. Conflict Resolution - Admittedly, I'm a better communicator than he is but it is so important that he is able to listen to any concerns I have and vice versa to make changes where necessary. We try to listen to understand rather than listen to reply.

5. Weekend Getaways - We both enjoy a nice weekend stay at a well rated hotel in or around town to enjoy time together away from the grind of every day life.

6. Stay In Dates - As much as we enjoy going out, we like to stay in on occasion binge watching movies, cooking or just netflix and chilling.

I know 9 months isn't exactly considered a long time to ascertain whether the relationship is a successful one or not. However, this is what I've been doing to maintain my interracial relationship successfully so far.

Are you in an interracial relationship? How have you been able to maintain it in today's social and political climate? Comment Below

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