Thursday, March 26, 2020


You would think that for those of us who work from home anyway, the current health crisis that's forced us to practice social distancing would not phase us. Guess what? You were wrong! 😒😒

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We may work from home but we also need to go out into the world for content and inspiration. Creating lifestyle content for those of us that do is not possible if we're all stuck indoors so how have I been staying motivated to work from home in these uncertain times? I mean, there's very little I CAN do but be that as it may, the little things I DO do seem to be making a difference and certainly keep me motivated to keep up with work.

1. Adding A Few Extra Touches To My Workspace: While I'm all for the aesthetics to beautify my space, where I work for me needs to be more functional than pretty. However, in light of recent occurences, adding those little extra touches keep me motivated. Candles, my favorite teddy and even my rose gold cup always has a fun drink to keep my mood lifted. On this day, I was having moscato.

2. Getting Dressed: Usually I stay in my pjs all day when I'm working and I'm not even gonna front I still do on most days but now that its clear that going out has to be on hold till further notice, I try to make an effort to get dressed. A loose kaftan is what I gravitate to and it does make a difference in that I don't feel like a total slob just because I'm working from home without the option to go out when I feel like.

3. Filming For YouTube: Admittedly, this one has been more challenging owing to kids being home and not having my usual peace and quiet to shoot. It has forced me to find a creative way/place to shoot my videos aka the shed which is where I look forward to getting those precious 20-30 minutes on shoot day to do my thing and be productive.

4. Taking Fun Breaks In Between: Oddly enough, I've spent less time on social media and more time discovering new YouTube videos and creators to enjoy. I've found some battle rap videos that I have been loving, some old Nigerian movies that have left me feeling nostalgic in a good way and also taking more advantage of Netflix. All I do to enjoy this is to plop on my headphones and drown out the noise.

In these uncertain times, staying motivated to work has pushed me to get creative about how to be more productive with so many distractions. How have you been staying motivated and what's been helping you stay productive while you work from home in these uncertain times? 

Please share in the comments so we can help one another out! Stay safe ya'll

Always Love 💓


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