Thursday, March 19, 2020


Being a newbie to the world of interracial dating, it's been very interesting for sure to learn how it differs from being in a same race relationship.

For mine specifically, I've learned that Argentinians and Nigerians share a few similarities when it comes to food, cultural practices and family values. One major difference I have observed though is in the area of marriage and/or proposals. They are not 'ring' or elaborate proposal people like my Nigerians tend to be. When a couple decides to spend their lives together, a ring will usually only be presented on the wedding day. Weddings are conducted towards the evening and run well into the morning where guests stay and party with you only to leave after having breakfast the next day. Interesting stuff huh? 😊

Interracial dating is not necessarily difficult but is it easy? I'm not referring to external influences that could possibly make things uncomfortable but what struggles are you facing internally within the relationship that's making the dating experience uneasy? Below are some of those struggles and some advice that could help you get through...

1. Your value systems (may) differ - Differing values between an interracial couple can easily cause conflicts if what matters to one is meaningless to the other.

My Advice: Accept and respect each-other's value systems. Personal or fitness goals for example do not need to be shared for you to feel connected as long as you both have one common relationship or directional goal that's important to both of you like starting a family for example.

2. Making Assumptions About Each-Other - There are stereotypes out there about different races and some of these may come off offensive if you make those assumptions about your partner because they are of a particular race or ethnicity.

My Advice: Unless your significant other tells you, do not make any assumptions about them or else you run the risk of coming off as insensitive or ignorant.

3. Different Opinions About (Important) Issues -  Topics like racism obviously are serious issues that may come up within the relationship and should be addressed but for issues like security and religion, there may be a huge difference of opinion. For example, my partner does not believe in locking doors at home but where I come from, if it can be locked, we lock it so its difficult for me to understand his lack of security consciousness.

My Advice: These are issues that while they merit explanations as to why they are important to you, need not be done in an aggressive or condescending manner. Simply point out the reasons why they matter and as long as they do not infringe on the other's comfortability, then there's no reason why it should be an issue.

4. Allowing The Opinions Of Others Affect Your Relationship - As an interracial couple, it is important not to allow the opinions of others like friends or loved ones cause problems in your relationship that did not previously exist. Doing this may trigger one or both of you making effective communication difficult.

My Advice: If the comments of others trigger your emotions, then that is what needs to be addressed and resolved and not so much the comments made. Be sure to always have open and honest conversations with your partner and keep those lines of communication between you open.

Interracial dating struggles can be challenging but often easy to resolve and work through. The above advice are strategies I use in my own relationship that has kept the peace between us and I'm sure could work for you in yours.

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