Saturday, March 14, 2020


SPRING! FINALLY! Excited for the transition in weather and wardrobe and more than ready to pack up the thick sweaters, heavy coats and boots for some more lightweight fashion.

Although it still gets a little cold and chilly, the weather is nowhere near the freezing temps we had over the winter. So with my wardrobe, I've started making the transition into whites, pastels, stripes, lighter sweaters and jackets. Now, I'm not oblivious to the current health crisis going on with the rapid spread of corona virus so not exactly sure how much going out I'll be doing but if and when I do, I already have an idea what my spring wardrobe essentials will be for 2020.


I'm still very weary of wearing whites but I'm challenging myself to infuse more of it into my spring style for this year. Tops, shorts, jeans and the occasional dress for date nights will definitely be on rotation while I complement it with fun purses like the one pictured to give my look some fun personality.


Always a denim girl, the darker hues are coming out this Spring and I'm excited to style them maybe with some colorful silk shirts which I plan on buying a few. Paired with more earth tone purses or bags, this look is sure to make a statement.


Peaches and pinks are where I'm mostly leaning towards this Spring 2020 largely because the darker shades offset my complexion really nicely. Going lighter with blush pinks or nudes with my purses will give each look a nice balance that I'm excited for. Definitely will also be purchasing some other pastel colors to spice up my wardrobe.


I have always been partial to outfits with either big or small stripe designs and am particularly drawn to a nautical style look in any season if I can pull it off. Paired with solid colors, stripes shine in an outfit combination giving the look the much needed character appropriate for any outing.

I plan on also including some floral prints and maybe even some colorful aztec as I fully embrace Spring 2020.

What are your spring wardrobe essentials for 2020? Comment below. 

Hope everybody is staying safe and protected out there? I know COVID-19 has a lot of us panicking and going crazy but creating mass hysteria via misinformation doesn't help. Wash and sanitize your hands and surface areas, avoid touching your face and call your doctor immediately you notice any symptoms.

Always Love 💓


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