Thursday, April 2, 2020


Last week I wrote about how I have been staying motivated to keep working from home through these difficult past couple of weeks. I put measures in place to help me stay productive and gingered to keep blogging and shooting content for my YouTube channel.

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At the same time that I was looking for ways to motivate myself, I was also doing the same for my significant other. He has had to keep working through these times (which we are very grateful for seeing as so many others have lost their jobs) and so needed a different kind of motivation that I have been happy to provide. How have I done it though and what exactly is it that I'm doing to keep him motivated in these days of social distancing when we can't be together?

1. I check in daily - I ask how he's doing and keep encouraging him to do his best at work especially due to the added pressure of the current pandemic. I do my best to distract him from the stress by talking more about all the awesome things we will get to do and the things that we enjoy once this is all over. 

2. I send goofy selfies - These of course are just to make him smile and sometimes I send 'going crazy' GIFS which prompt him to send some back. It keeps things light and fun and helps take his mind off being tired all the time plus it distracts him from missing me so much 😜

3. We keep conversations about us -  A lot of our conversations are centered around us and our relationship. I make it a point not to bring up any issues we may be having because this just is not the right time to do that. We can argue, fuss and fight later. 😊

4. Forwarded Memes - Bae is not on any social media platforms but I am and so whenever I find any funny memes I know he will like, I promptly forward them to his phone and it does the job of cheering him up through the day.

Keeping your relationship alive at this time if you do not live together is so crucial. Call, text, video chat as often as you can/must because who knows when all this will be over? I'm already getting ancy...😑😑

Always Love 💓


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