Thursday, April 23, 2020


Dr Gary Chapman's book, The 5 Love Languages made it possible for us to look at love and dating in a brand new way.


Understanding the various ways that we can communicate love to our partners has taken away much of the guess work or trial and error approach that once existed.

Physical Touch, Words Of Affirmation, Acts Of Service, Quality Time and Receiving Gifts are the 5 ways that the famous book tells us we identify what ways we feel the most loved and appreciated. Do you know what your love language is? Do you know how to speak to your partner in their love language? or do you expect that their love language should automatically be the same as yours? I have recently re-familiarized myself with what my primary and secondary love languages are and also those of my significant other.

My primary love language is quality time while my secondary love language is acts of service. I feel the most loved when my partner spends time with me, giving me his undivided attention. On the flip side, his primary love language is physical touch and so feels the most loved when he has physical contact with me through holding hands, hugging or kissing. If your love languages differ, how can you speak to your partner in their love language so that they feel loved? Let's break it down one by one shall we?

  • Love Language 1: Physical Touch
  • How To Communicate: Non verbal use of body language & touch to show love
  • Actions To Take: Hugs, Kisses & Cuddling

  • Love Language 2: Words Of Affirmation
  • How To Communicate: Encourage, affirm & listen actively
  • Actions To Take: Send unexpected notes, cards or texts

  • Love Language 3: Acts Of Service
  • How To Communicate: Let them know you want to help lighten their load
  • Actions To Take: Go out of your way to do something they will appreciate

  • Love Language 4: Quality Time
  • How To Communicate: One on one uninterrupted time is important
  • Actions To Take: Create special moments and do small things with your partner

  • Love Language 5: Receiving Gifts
  • How To Communicate: Thoughtfulness by making your spouse a priority
  • Actions To Take: Give thoughtful gifts and gestures

In order to speak to your partner in their love language, you must know how the express/show love to others. Analyze what they complain about the most and what they request from their partner most often. Conflicts or disconnection happens when you speak to your partner in the love language you like to receive. It would be helpful to understand yours and your partner's love languages by taking the Love Language Test For Couples which should hopefully give a much better insight to being able to speak and demonstrate the love language your significant other understands and prefers to receive themselves.

How is everyone doing so far? Still hanging in there? It's almost over guys so let's keep on pushing and doing the best we can 💖

Always Love 💓


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