Wednesday, July 8, 2020


Given the current climate of things both home and abroad, not a lot is making much sense to me these days. In my previous post last week, I know I said that I'm questioning my position on personal and social issues and that has led me to today's post. Plenty that I thought I knew and had the answers to, I no longer do so if you are at a similar crossroad, you may be able to relate but here are 20 things that I no longer know for sure.

1. I don't know whether I feel safer at home or abroad?
2. I do not know if being a woman is a good thing anymore?
3. I don't know if there is any point to 'trying' anymore?
4. I no longer know whether relationships are still worth it?
5. I don't know what reason people have to perpetrate evil against others?
6. I don't know why we are all so stuck in our ways and refuse to embrace change even when its for the better?
7. I'm not sure why hate exists in the hearts of so many?
8.  I don't know why many people still fail regardless of how hard they work and try?
9. I'm struggling with why life gets so hard and complicated sometimes?
10. I don't know why self love, acceptance and self control are not taught in schools?
11. I do not understand why women are given so much responsibility yet so little respect?
12. I do not understand the joy that some derive from cyber bullying others?
13. I'm not sure why its so difficult for people to mind their business and keep their noses out of other people's affairs?
14.  I don't understand why we we can't tell when its necessary to get involved and when to look the other way?
15. I don't understand why African parenting back in the day had to be so strict and almost damaging?
16.  I no longer know what the point of marriage really is?
17. I don't know why empathy is lacking in the hearts of so many today?
18. I don't know why SEX is such a big deal that some will violate because of it?
19. I don't understand why hurt and pain can manifest so differently in people?
20. I don't know why its still so hard for Black Lives To Matter in America even in 2020?

These are just some of the things I no longer know for sure , that have weighed heavy on my heart the past few months and that I'm still seeking answers to. Comment below if you can help me with some or even all of these questions.



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