Thursday, July 2, 2020


When I took a break from blogging back in April, I thought it was going to do the usual - help me clear my mind, relax and refresh but this break has somehow managed to do the complete opposite.

The world chose to implode before my eyes and left my mind dizzy from a haze of unanswered questions.

In my country Nigeria, it appeared like things were going from bad to worse at a steady and systematic pace. The pandemic put a huge spotlight on our failures as a country to protect and preserve our people from Covid19. The ones who had been charged with and took a sacred oath to protect us were instead extorting us, abusing us and killing us. My sisters.....weeping for my sisters.....raped and violated, abused and murdered in their homes, on the streets and even in the house of God by men who were meant to protect them from harm. My heart breaks and is still breaking as I am unable to comprehend this level of madness.

In the United States where I live, the illusion of a perfect and accepting society was once again shattered by the killing of George Floyd. Another black man murdered by police only a few months after Ahmaud Arbery and Breonna Taylor also met their deaths. Finally, the black community had had enough and nationwide protests immediately broke out demanding change, calling for an end to systemic racism, racial profiling and violence against the black and brown communities. The Black Lives Matter Movement echoed around the globe like the trumpet sound calling the armies to unite and band together to fight this war wherever it may be happening.

These protests though mostly peaceful and non-violent, were at times overshadowed by a miscreant few who saw it as an opportunity to loot and destroy. In a time and economy that was already suffering the effects of Covid 19, one would wonder where the commander in chief was at such a time to offer empathy, understanding and show leadership? Don't ask me...

So as the world implodes from man's own inhumanity to man, the failure of our leaders to infact lead, the abject poverty, the unconstitutionalism, the hatred, the fear and abuse, I watch in helpless agony yet trying to maintain hope that there will be light at the end of this ruthless dark tunnel. I trust that peace and love will prevail in these times of uncertainty and darkness.

My time away has by no means been a peaceful one, very often struggling severely with my mental and emotional health. I feel differently about a lot of things now. Man's true nature frightens me and every day I see it as the world implodes...

I join my communities both here and at home to say...




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