Tuesday, July 7, 2020


I look at my sister and thank God for her everyday. First that her sickle cell status has not deterred her from doing anything she wants to but also because she has not allowed her health "limitations" cloud the image she has of herself. She doesn't feel unworthy of love nor has she let her standards for what she seeks in a partner dwindle or drop. She has found someone who loves and accepts her just as she is. He shows her the kind of devotion that we all hope to find and that has left me thinking about how often times, people avoid/run away from relationships with those who have sickle cell anemia. So if we all avoid them, then who's gonna love 'em?

A lot of parents discourage their kids from entering into romantic relationships with people who have sickle cell anemia for obvious reasons. They do not want their children to experience a "lifetime of pain and uncertainty" that is typically associated with having this blood disorder, they want to be able to have grand-children and not have to worry about whether or not their spouses will be able to live  long and fruitful/healthy lives. Their fears and concerns are certainly valid but what does that do to the mental and emotional health of the sickler? Are they not also worthy or deserving of love like everyone else or are they just meant to go through life solely preoccupied with their disease?

Today I'm just thinking out loud and asking the question, if we all avoid them, who's gonna love 'em?



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