Saturday, July 18, 2020


Shopping has always been one of the few ways I find that I'm able to escape and de-stress so you can imagine the level of my frustration since lockdown and sheltering in place became our reality. I did make a few purchases earlier from Walmart, see here but your girl needed more and indulged a bit a few weeks after lockdown was eased.

Although there are no immediate plans to launch any of the items I bought, they are still nice additions to my style repertoire. Of course I maintained social distancing at the stores, had a mask on and my hand sanitizer in my purse as I shopped. If you want to see what I got on my shopping finds since easing lockdown, keep scrolling.

1. The Statement Top

I had a few styling ideas in mind when I bought this top from Forever21, however I knew that a more casual approach would be the route I follow. Of course, you could style this top more formally with pants or a nice skirt but pairing with shorts feels more natural to me. The mix of black and bright yellow with the floral design gives the top the right amount of spice and versatility for an effortless and chic look.

Another draw for me was the minimal styling with accessories that this top requires because clearly it makes a statement on its own. With a pair of comfy flats or slippers and a backpack or structured bag depending on the outing, you are sure to turn heads in this summer statement piece.

2. The Basic Summer Tee

T-shirts are a summer staple but when it has a fun color or style, it's right up my alley. The striped design and faux knot in the front gives this otherwise basic tee a certain appeal. It is relaxed enough to pair with distressed denim, your favorite slipper and crossbody bag for a fun day shopping at the mall or brunch with your girlfriends.

You can also style this not so basic tee with white shorts and wrap around strappy sandals for a casual evening date with your significant other. Also, layering with a denim or leather jacket elevates the look even further.

4. The Perfect Summer Dress

Thin straps, floral design and midi length are typically what I look for when shopping for the perfect casual summer dress. I like that this dress has so many complementing colors because that means it will pair well with different accessories. Pairing with a pair of pointy black flats and mini bag makes this the perfect outfit to an indoor concert which you could also layer with a blazer and hat if you feel so inclined for that extra cool look.

Brown sandals and small brown purse is the way I would rock the dress to possibly an early evening barbecue or drinks with friends. This dress is equal parts flattering and forgiving meaning it will hide a multitude of sins when I've over indulged in food and drinks.

4. The Boho Dress I Never Knew I Needed

I've seen a lot of girls style similar dresses on instagram casually, formally, semi- casually and semi-formally with nothing but shoes, bags and minimal jewelry. Each look is a vibe on its own and I'm eager to recreate some of those looks that I fell in love with.

Either with dad sneakers, ugly sandals, flats or heels, this dress is great for all occasions. Church, brunch, a date, shopping...whatever the occasion, this is one of those dresses you throw on without having to think about it. In that way, its like a jumpsuit, one and done and that's why I love it. The color is cute too😊

So there you have it folks, my recent shopping finds for the summer that I will be wearing absolutely nowhere. I tried not to stay too long in the stores because....anxiety! Coronavirus is still very much a thing and I aint got the time to be sick. #nothanks

Done any shopping recently? What did you get and how soon are you hoping to go out so you can get back to styling and profiling?πŸ˜‰ Comment below



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