Thursday, July 30, 2020


For me, writing has always been my outlet whenever I've needed to process my thoughts or emotions. For as long as I can remember I would find myself jotting down ideas, goals and to-do lists before they even became a thing and it wasn't until I started this blog that I realized just how much I loved it and it was a part of my life.
Writing is how I create. Other creatives have their forms of expression but if you asked any of us, we would definitely tell you that there are moments when there is no inspiration to create. This is why you find many of us taking those intermittent breaks in the hopes that our creative juices will once again begin to flow and it usually does irrespective of the time it takes.

What do you do when there's no inspiration to create your magic? How do you get your mojo back after it suddenly disappears?

1. Allow your immediate surroundings inspire you -  Look around you and find things that speak to your creative genius. One thing about creatives is that we have an ability to find inspiration in things that others normally could not. I know that for many of us, myself included, we need order and structure to feel creative but there are times when you can create even in chaos. Use your environment to your advantage and if where you are right now does not currently or immediately inspire you, create a little corner that will spark those creative juices. It's what I've done.

2. Music & Comedy - Music has a large influence on emotions so listening to your favorite tune can lift your mood and put you back in an inspired, creative headspace. For me, when I've been feeling uninspired which has been a lot lately, I found that watching comedies took the pressure off needing to write. Specifically Nick Cannon's Wild N Out does wonders for my creativity and I binge on old episodes often.

3. Don't Force It But Don't Wait For It Either - I've often heard people say not to wait to feel inspired to do something but that action creates motivation which in turn creates inspiration. If you start feeling uninspired, don't try to force it but don't just sit around waiting for it to come back either. Re-focus your energy on some other activity or activities and have the courage to express yourself in other ways not just by what you are known for.

4. Breathe - This simple but powerful exercise can be the one thing that saves you from creatively burning yourself out. There are times when we can feel ourselves nearing a creative rut and it is at these times that we should take a step back, unplug, practice conscious breathing/meditation to keep us relaxed and re-energized.

Do those things that you know work for you at those times when there is no inspiration to create. We all need breaks from time to time and certainly benefit from taking them. After all, God Himself rested on the 7th day so why don't we think that we should as well? So do yourselves a favor and take one today, YES even in the midst of this pandemic!



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