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DISCLAIMER: Nothing in this post should be taken so seriously. It's all tongue-in-cheek so take what you read here with a pinch of salt and enjoy!

As a woman approaching 40 whose teens, 20s and 30s are now in my rear-view, I'm looking back at those years with a lot of nostalgia and fondness. The world would have us believe that there's things every woman should have by 40; whether these things are up to 20, less, more or what they entail exactly depends on who you listen to. Things like marriage, kids, career advancement, extensive travel and purchasing a home are almost always on the list but you will be pleasantly surprised to find none of that on MY list of 20 things every woman should have by 40. Wanna know what's on it then? Read on....

1. Every woman should have had that one earth shifting kiss that every time you think about it, the earth shifts again 😍

2. Your weight should have fluctuated more times than a ping pong ball and if you have never struggled with yours, then you are one of the lucky ones 😏.

3. You ought to have broken a few hearts in your hey day because you're awesome LOL! You couldn't possibly love everyone at the same time 😈.

4. You should have gotten tipsy or drunk once or twice or maybe even a few times in your life. I certainly have and those times make for some really funny memories today 😊.

5. You should have been to a few clubs, gone dancing with friends and possibly busted a move on a few tables and chairs. You partied so hard that you simply couldn't get out of bed the next morningπŸ’ƒ.

6. You should have had at least one great love in your life. This could either be the person you are married to or someone from your past πŸ’“

7. You should have worked for at least one or two annoying bosses in your time. That boss that makes you want to go find them wherever they may be now and tell them just how idiotic you really though they were back then 😜. There's 2 for sure that I'd like to give a piece of my mind!!

8. Remember when I said you should have broken a few hearts, truth is that you should have also had your heart broken a few too. Mine was by that one love of my life πŸ’”

9. You should have made a few impulse purchases and then wondered later what you were thinking when you bought them ✋.

10. You should have fallen out with a few friends along the way. We all know that some friends are only meant to be in our lives for a season and so that season ought to have come and gone for a few of those friendships πŸ‘―.

11. You should have had one great sexual experience and at least one awful one. Thinking about either makes you shudder πŸ’₯.

12. You should have had one or a few explosive fights, not necessarily physical but more so verbal. This could have been with a friend, someone you thought was a friend or a complete stranger πŸ’£

13, You should have learned how to start or carry a conversation on any topic whether you are knowledgeable in it or not. The trick I use is to just ask questions if I have no idea on a topic being discussed πŸ’.

14. Again I mentioned friendships ending earlier but you should also have those friends that have been the constant support system and cheerleading team through the years πŸ‘­.

15. You should have that one outfit/outfit combination that instantly makes you feel your sexiest self every time you slip into it πŸ’‹.

16. You should have something that evokes that deep sentimental feeling of attachment. For me, its a bracelet that belonged to my late brother πŸ™.

17. You should have been able to keep a secret so juicy that to this day, you're proud that you never leaked it 😢.

18. You should have a clear understanding of exactly who you are and who you may still want to be πŸ‘©.

19. You should know how to control your emotions even when provoked and losing your cool would be understandable 😠.

20. You should realize that 40 is a blessing to have attained and that the best is yet to come πŸ‘.

I believe that these are a common set of shared experiences for us women approaching or already at age 40. I can't speak for the men but I'm almost positive that these are 20 things every woman should have (experienced) by 40.

Do you have more to add? Comment below and tell me if you have had any of these experiences?



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