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Have you once again found yourself in the dating market in your 40s? Are you finding that it's a little more challenging trying to find love at this age? It's no secret that a lot of us in our 40s or approaching this age are having a hard time finding The One and there's a couple of reasons why that may be.

Whether you're still single, been married but divorced, widowed or just trying to see what's out there, dating in your 40s is akin to an extreme sport and listed below are 6 reasons why it's harder to find Mr or Mrs Right.

1. Sex Is Different -  Yes I'm just going to come right out and say it, the sex is different at this age. Things feel different and the sex is not the same explosive orgasmic realm of pleasure it maybe once was for some. A few factors could contribute to this like hormones or having children so if you're looking for that same feeling when you're doing the 'happy dance', don't be disappointed if the rhythm and flow is a little off.

2. You've Got A Type - This is true for most if not all of us. We have a type we are attracted to and so while we are trying not to be so picky at this age, we just find that unless we're dating that person that can raise those butterflies in our tummy back to life, then there's really no point.

3. You Now Have Different Priorities - Tall dark and handsome just doesn't cut it anymore. There's got to be depth there, a bit more substance, definitely more cultured and well mannered before even considering giving anyone our time now. Sure some folks in in their 40s are desperately trying to cling on to youth and so enter 'mid-life crisis'. I don't have to say too much because we all know how that goes.

4. It's Just Harder To Meet People - By this age, almost everyone it would seem is already taken so the pool of available potential partners is significantly smaller. This definitely makes dating and trying to find someone more challenging for sure.

5. The Divorce/Kid Factor -  Being married once or a few times before and having children may complicate things a little more when trying to date in your 40s. You certainly want to make sure that you bring the right person around your precious ones ( young or grown) and that for sure makes the 'selection process' for a potential mate for you that much more rigid - understandably so. You also want to be sure that you are choosing the right person for yourself because going through a divorce makes you more aware of the things you do not want in someone you want to spend your time with.

6. We're All Judging Each-Other - Let's face it we're all being 'judgey-wudgey' out here, looking at each other sideways and wondering why the other is still single at this age. Nobody wants to feel judged of course so we're not being obvious about our turned up noses but rest assured that it's happening 😊

There's very likely more reasons you can think of as to the reasons why dating in your 40s can be challenging but let's not scare one another away from trying to connect with our soulmates. We all deserve love afterall. LOL!

Have you found your soulmate yet? What age did you find him/her? You probably won't share because you don't know me like that...😆😋



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