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Welcome to the 21st Century! A world that is controlled by Apps and one that does not seem to remember how it ever existed without them. Applications have taken over every aspect of our lives today because there is literally one for everything. There are those that help track your weight, payments and transactions, apps to help you shop and even those that exist to help you manage stress and anxiety.
So, if there is an App for all of this and more then surely there are Apps to help manage specific/general health issues like sickle cell disease.The Sickle Cell Services Mobile App was released by The Sickle Cell Disease Association Of America to provide members of the sickle cell community access to a database of medical support and services. This App is available for download on the iTunes App Store and Google Play Store and offers the following services:

1. Voice Crisis Alert:  This is a sickle cell tracking and communicating App that allows users record their sites of pain, level of severity, date, time and attempted intervention. Visit http://crisisvoice.com/features to learn more.

2. Prevention Of Morbidity In Sickle Cell Anemia (POMS): This App helps users track their daily pain and symptoms. It is available on the iTunes App Store.

3. SickleWell: This App allows participants manage their illness through improved self-efficacy and compliance with prescribed regimens. It is also available on iTunes.

4. Sickle - O - Scope: This App allows you keep a daily diary of illness and disease symptoms. Users can share their data with a doctor if possible and it maintains medical confidentiality. It is also available on the iTunes App Store.

Other Apps to try include:

5. Waterlogged: helps to set constant reminders to drink water throughout the day and equally allows you set goals for how much water/fluids you want to drink in a day. Check www.waterlogged.com

6. Flaredown: tracks symptoms experienced upon entering information on your condition. This App allows you see a pattern with any flareups you have and helps you stay aware of the things that trigger a crisis. Check www.flaredown.com

Any or all of these Apps help with managing sickle cell disease which in turn can help make doctors' appointments a lot easier because you can give accurate information on symptoms, dates, pain, severity and any applied treatments.

Are you familiar with any of these Apps or are there different ones you use? Comment Below!



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