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Pinterest has a lot of pinned articles that offer suggestions on how to come up with blog content. A lot of the information on these articles are useful for sure but I feel like organically generated content for "your blog" is the best way to make sure you don't run out of ideas.
Personally, a lot of my blog content comes from my life and everything in or around it. I'm inspired a lot by what I see, what I hear, what I experience and what I feel. Fashion, food and lifestyle bloggers all generate content from those aspects of their lives. What they like to wear, where they go to eat, countries they travel to amongst other things are all inspiration for content. Naturally, some content are more popular and will attract more readers/visitors to your blog but for the purpose of relatability, authenticity and sustainability, I prefer to write about what feels the most natural to me.

How then do I come up with my blog content each week to keep readers coming back?

1. Like I said before I write about things that come naturally. These could be issues surrounding my lifestyle, relationships or friendships, things that have happened to me or in my family etc. I'm able to write freely and unrestricted because they are my stories to tell.

2. My content also comes from anything that inspires me. It could be a conversation I overhear or one I'm having myself, a song I like, a movie, the news or even a YouTube video. I watched a documentary on Netflix yesterday called 'Skin' by Beverly Naya and got inspired to write a post on a similar subject. That post will be up in a week or 2 so that's what I mean when I say I generate my content from anything that inspires me.

3. Trending issues are also another way I'm able to generate content. Coronavirus, the BLM protests, the killing of George Floyd, all the recent rape incidents in Nigeria are just a few trending issues that have made it on my blog. This type of content involves sharing my point of view or how these issues have personally affected me.

4. Popular or mainstream content also forms part of what I write about on my blog. Eg: fashion content, beauty and lifestyle content, relationships and fitness all form popular topics that always interest people. I enjoy writing about them because they are part of my life and so it makes it easy to create content around.

5. Research is a big part of being able to generate content for me. I figure out what people in my age bracket are mostly concerned about or interested in and find ways to write about it in a captivating manner.

Today where pictures, images and videos have overshadowed the writing art form, it becomes necessary to be able to come up with blog content that will attract and keep your readers coming back for more. Having a point of view is critical because people like to hear what your opinions are on an issue or topic so its important for every writer/blogger to have one.

Are you a blogger? How do you come up with your blog content? Comment Below

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