Thursday, August 13, 2020



Rape! Abuse! Violence! Objectification! Sexual Shaming! The list is endless and women have always been on the receiving end of these acts meted out by men and fellow women. 
We need our men to first off stop treating us like objects to be possessed but also we need the men who understand what it means to protect, respect and honor women to stand with us. We need our fellow women to refrain from shaming and blaming us when we cry wolf. We need our sisters to support and join forces with us to fight this overt oppression we suffer almost on a daily basis. WE NEED ALLIES!

Things have gone way beyond asking 'what were you wearing' and 'why did you go there alone at that time of the night' because young girls of 9, 10 and 11 have now become victims of this same abuse. Babies are being violated in the same unspeakable ways and exonerating men who commit these heinous crimes sends a message that their actions are permissible and not worthy of punishment. It sends a message to young girls that their bodies can be forcefully taken by men who lack self control and discipline, common human decency, basic home training and quite simply the fear of God.

Letting men get away with these acts tells us women that we are no more than punching bags and sexual objects made to exist purely for the satisfaction of men and their urges. We need allies in our government officials and those who have the authority/power to change this dangerous narrative that has existed for far too long. We need you to make examples of these predators once identified and caught that go beyond mere 'arresting, investigating' and 'imprisonment'. The punishment must fit the crime because the damage done to a victim goes beyond just physical violation. It is psychological, mental, it is self loathing, the inability to no longer trust/love oneself or others and in extreme cases, it's making the decision to end one's life - physically or figuratively.

As a victim myself, I needed an ally but could not speak up at the time, I knew people would blame me because I blamed myself and believed that I deserved what happened to me. Preferential treatment of powerful men with money and means who can swing justice in their favor should NEVER be a thing but we cannot fight this alone. We need allies - fellow powerful men AND women to fight with us. This is 2020 where it is unimagineable to know that rape, domestic violence and abuse are still very much alive and thriving. The future of our sons and daughters are at stake and it's up to us to safeguard it. WE NEED ALLIES and I can't stress this enough!

Below are RAPE/ABUSE NGOS in Nigeria you can donate to and learn more about the work they do for victims:






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