Saturday, September 5, 2020


Celebs, your favorite influencers, reality stars and friendly neighborhood rich kid all sport the designer duds we know and love. I could begin to list these top labels but I won't bother because I can't afford any of them so I'm salty...😊

However, there are some bags/purses that you and I can afford and every fashion conscious babe whose worth her threads in style owns at least one of these only 5 bags you need. Any of these bags do not just complement but complete your look anytime you step out. Nobody asked me but feel free to check them out below:

                                                                             The Waist Bag

I remember sporting this kind of bag back when they were not the fashion statement they are today. They first made their appearance back in the late 90s to the early 2000s but now they come in all styles and designs and are the perfect accessory for a casual or even dressed up look.

                                                                      The Cross Body Bag

I believe these used to be called the Newsboy Bag but I could be wrong. It's a great bag that can be styled casually for dates with friends or a partner and instantly makes an outfit look chic.


                                                                            The Straw Bag

When these stylish bags burst onto the fashion scene only a few short years ago, we all were scrambling to get our hands on one of our own. Its the perfect summer time bag for picnics, brunch dates and shopping on the boulevard. They come in different beautiful colors and I will certainly be purchasing one or two more myself now that the craze to own one has died down a little.

                                                                            The Mini Bag

For someone like me who feels compelled to always fill my bag up with everything but the kitchen sink, the mini bags force me to carry only what's necessary. It's the final chic accessory to complete any look you are going for.

                                                                               The Work Bag

As someone who had several jobs in the past, acquiring work bags became an actual thing. I lost count of just how many I owned and very quickly became known for being the girl that carried a new bag every week. If you are a working girl who has to report to an office every day, then I don't need to tell you anything about them because you already know they can be both functional and stylish. Gone are the days when the work bag looked like your grandma's tote.

Whether you can afford the designer bags or not, in my opinion these are the only 5 bags you need for any outing or occasion. Now how many of each you need is an entirely different story and I will not attempt to tell you that you need X amount of bags because I'm still in the bag acquisition business as we speak.

Have a lovely weekend darlings!



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