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I think we would all agree that 2020 has not been the year we all thought it would be; it has turned out to be nothing like what we expected and we are all stuck trying to navigate this new normal. I for one know that it has been a real struggle to find my bearings and it became almost an issue to fully get back to blogging. Coming back to blogging and checking in on my first 6 months of this strange year with a 2 month break in between, I can say for a fact that I'm in such a different head space today than I was when the year began. Thankfully I still feel the pull to write about things that interest and intrigue me but I will admit that my enthusiasm to do so has waned a little/a lot. I honestly do not know! I see all that's going on around me and I can't help but feel like everything that I once thought I knew, I no longer know for sure. I'm questioning my own position on things, not just socially but personally now. In this atmosphere of civil and racial unrest, my


When I took a break from blogging back in April, I thought it was going to do the usual - help me clear my mind, relax and refresh but this break has somehow managed to do the complete opposite. The world chose to implode before my eyes and left my mind dizzy from a haze of unanswered questions. In my country Nigeria, it appeared like things were going from bad to worse at a steady and systematic pace. The pandemic put a huge spotlight on our failures as a country to protect and preserve our people from Covid19. The ones who had been charged with and took a sacred oath to protect us were instead extorting us, abusing us and killing us. My sisters.....weeping for my sisters.....raped and violated, abused and murdered in their homes, on the streets and even in the house of God by men who were meant to protect them from harm. My heart breaks and is still breaking as I am unable to comprehend this level of madness. In the United States where I live, the illusion of a perfect and accepting