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In the headspace that I've been of late, I go back and forth with questions aimed at helping me know myself better, seek better self understanding and to best determine who I am today. I've come to the realization that I need to unearth, understand and explore all the sides that there are to me which I believe everyone should do more frequently. So what questions have I been asking myself? 1. What are my strengths? 2. What are my weaknesses? 3. What in my life am I ashamed of that I've done/not done? 4. Where do I feel safest? 5. What is/are my proudest accomplishment(s)? 6. What does my inner critic tell me? 7. What am I passionate about? 8. What am I grateful for? 9. What are my biggest fears/insecurities? 10. When I'm feeling down, I like to .....? 11. I know I'm stressed when I ......? 12. What is/are my biggest failure(s)? 13. Who/What gives me comfort? 14. What do I do to show myself self compassion? 15. If I wasn't afraid to fail, I would....? 16. Who mat


Given the current climate of things both home and abroad, not a lot is making much sense to me these days. In my previous post last week, I know I said that I'm questioning my position on personal and social issues and that has led me to today's post. Plenty that I thought I knew and had the answers to, I no longer do so if you are at a similar crossroad, you may be able to relate but here are 20 things that I no longer know for sure. 1 . I don't know whether I feel safer at home or abroad? 2 . I do not know if being a woman is a good thing anymore? 3 . I don't know if there is any point to 'trying' anymore? 4 . I no longer know whether relationships are still worth it? 5 . I don't know what reason people have to perpetrate evil against others? 6 . I don't know why we are all so stuck in our ways and refuse to embrace change even when its for the better? 7 . I'm not sure why hate exists in the hearts of so many? 8 .  I don't know why many people


I look at my sister and thank God for her everyday. First that her sickle cell status has not deterred her from doing anything she wants to but also because she has not allowed her health "limitations" cloud the image she has of herself. She doesn't feel unworthy of love nor has she let her standards for what she seeks in a partner dwindle or drop. She has found someone who loves and accepts her just as she is. He shows her the kind of devotion that we all hope to find and that has left me thinking about how often times, people avoid/run away from relationships with those who have sickle cell anemia. So if we all avoid them, then who's gonna love 'em? A lot of parents discourage their kids from entering into romantic relationships with people who have sickle cell anemia for obvious reasons. They do not want their children to experience a "lifetime of pain and uncertainty" that is typically associated with having this blood disorder, they want to be able