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Shopping has always been one of the few ways I find that I'm able to escape and de-stress so you can imagine the level of my frustration since lockdown and sheltering in place became our reality. I did make a few purchases earlier from Walmart, see  here but your girl needed more and indulged a bit a few weeks after lockdown was eased. Although there are no immediate plans to launch any of the items I bought, they are still nice additions to my style repertoire. Of course I maintained social distancing at the stores, had a mask on and my hand sanitizer in my purse as I shopped. If you want to see what I got on my shopping finds since easing lockdown, keep scrolling. 1. The Statement Top I had a few styling ideas in mind when I bought this top from Forever21, however I knew that a more casual approach would be the route I follow. Of course, you could style this top more formally with pants or a nice skirt but pairing with shorts feels more natural to me. The mix of black and bright


I am a strong black woman You don't own me, You don't control me PERIOD! The color of my skin shouldn't intimidate you My melanin should not phase you The color of my skin should't change you PERIOD! I will celebrate my blackness I will celebrate my black pride and black excellence I will celebrate my heritage and joy in the richness of my people's history PERIOD! Silencing me is no longer acceptable Killing me will no longer be tolerated I have got the exact same rights as you do To speak, to be, to live PERIOD! Why can't you see my beauty? Why can't you see my worth? I bring a lot to the table So I deserve a seat at the table  But if you refuse to give me one, I will build my own table PERIOD! As an African living in these United States Of America, the pain of racism and discrimination is a multi faceted one. As people of color, we all have a duty to speak, to use our platforms whether big or small to demand inclusivity, diversity and representation in all