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While I was contemplating ideas for what my self care routine for 2021 would look like, I knew above all else that I wanted to start the right way by strengthening my walk with God and to help me do that, I went ahead and purchased my very first Jesus Centered Planner from Amazon.

Journaling is something I always do irrespective of whether or not I'm being intentional about it but for my mental and spiritual health in 2021, documenting my feelings and goals, prayer priorities, gratitude notes and action steps were things I knew I needed to consistently practice in the new year.

I love my Jesus centered planner because it allows me do exactly all of the above in a way that is both honest and authentic to the specific journey I'm on. There are daily prompts and scripture to help me stay focused on my personal walk with Christ by allowing me write down each week what I want to stay focused on with a to-do and prayer priority list that help me do so.

Everything from accomplishing goals and staying in touch with friends to learning how to show gratitude in the little (as well as the big) things and preparing for the next week and month are all things that my Jesus centered planner allows me to do.

It is the 2nd immediate thing I reach for every morning when I wake up right after listening to my daily prayer from my PRAY app. I make myself my favorite cup of green tea, get my bible and notebook and settle down to my thoughts and feelings as I leave them all on the pages of my planner.

Another important reason why I love the Jesus centered planner is that it segments goals and priorities into 3 months at a time, it offers me tips on setting these goals with a focus on Jesus to keep me from feeling overwhelmed and pressured to do too much at once. I am able to stay focused all day on these goals by writing down action steps I want to take and make sure to take them.

My Jesus centered planner has helped me remain committed to my daily, weekly and monthly goals through the lens of Christ, setting the tone for the rest of my day and by the time night time rolls around, I am able to reflect and meditate on how well I did or didn't do during the day.

I encourage everyone to get their hands on one of these planners if your spiritual and mental journey is important to you in 2021. It is not too late at all and even if you are not a Christian, the Jesus Centered Planner keeps you focused on your personal, financial, health and mental goals without feeling pressured to overwhelm yourself by taking on too much. See the link below on where to order and remember always that self care, in whatever way that looks like for you is important to God as well.

Jesus Centered Planner on Amazon:

Jesus Centered Planner

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