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Let's keep it real folks, although it appears as though the outside world is opening back up because people are just quite frankly fed up with the indoors, Co-vid is still a very real thing and with this new strain of the virus, I personally am not ready to go back into the outside world.

Having said that, since the grocery store is the only place I feel comfortable being at for now and this includes Target, Kroger, Sams etc, Walmart has been the one consistent store I patronize. I know I can always find gems here and there when I really pay attention but throughout 2020 I have to admit that I've come across some really nice things so don't sleep on Walmart guys, here are some of my 2020 faves:

Total cost for this entire fit was $20. The jean bucket bag was on clearance for $4, the mom jeans were $7 and the plaid shirt cost $9. I have never been interested in the mom jean trend but being bent on venturing out of my style comfort zone just a little bit, I figured I would give these a try. I will attempt to style them in a few ways in an upcoming post so stick around to see how well I do.

Bralettes have become a thing of late (or maybe I'm just noticing which is more likely the case) and after coming upon this black and mustard lace designs at Walmart, I couldn't help but buy. They sold at $9 each and as long as I don't put on any more weight, these will style awesomely with that plaid shirt and mom jeans from the previous image with a pair of sneakers for a cool 90s girl look. I decided to treat myself to 2 new bras as well while I was in the aisle too so there's that 😜.

The truth really is that when I go to the store, I'm actually there to buy my personal groceries and I almost always pick up my favorite flavors of Clear American flavored water. These are a fave not only because they taste great but they literally have only 10 calories per container.

0 fat, 0 sodium and 0 carbs! The ingredients are clearly written on the bottle and for me, it's best served chilled. There are a ton of other flavors to choose from and these sell for under 80 cents a bottle. Whenever my sweet tooth is craving sugar, this is what I often will reach for when I'm at Walmart and it is definitely a 2020 favorite that has transitioned into 2021.

Affordable hair care, makeup and skincare products are also reasons why I don not sleep on Walmart. I will be doing a dedicated post about some of my favorite skin care products soon but when it comes to makeup and haircare, Walmart is usually my plug. I am transitioning back to being natural after relaxing my hair mid last year (bad idea!) and have tried a number of natural hair care products. I am not one who likes to do too much with my hair because I find that too much manipulation actually causes damage for me so I do the bare minimum - shampoo, conditioner, leave-in, an oil and curling cream. I used to be a die hard Cantu girl and still am but I figured I would give Suave products a go for a change and so far so good. I have not bought any new makeup in months just because...COVID and where am I actually going anyway but these Profusion palettes have been a nice addition to my collection. Repurchased my favorite ELF brow pencil and trying out the Neutrogena stick foundation for days I play in makeup.

Of course there have been other purchases from 2020 that I have been loving from Walmart but these are definitely some of my faves from the year. 

Where have ya'll been shopping and what have you been buying? Talk about it in the comments!!

Excess Love,


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