Thursday, January 14, 2021



Hey fam, happy to be here with ya'll again on another Excess Love Thursday. Thank you for your feedback on my IG page. The goal and mission remain the same but there are some updates I would like to share with you before getting into some new images.

First things first, we have a new logo as you can see from the above. Kept things really simple and minimal because it didn't feel necessary to do too much. Next update I would like to share is that we have an IG page now so please go follow @excesslove_thrifts_gifts to see all the new images and any other information/details I will be sharing on there. Tell a friend to tell a friend so we can all be blessings to others who may be struggling at this time. A dedicated email address should be open and functioning by the weekend so this is another reason for you to follow our IG handle because the update will be live there.

Today, I am bringing you images from the 'THRIFTS' portion of Excess Love and items here are indeed for sale unlike the 'GIFTS' portion where all items there are for free.

This is a pre-loved dark leaf print dress in a size Large with accompanying shoes in a size 10 that is also pre-loved. The goal with thrifted items here for us is to rather than sell you just a single item, we style 2 or more together creating a look we hope you like which you can then purchase. This dress can be dressed up or down, paired with jeans or leggings and can transition from a day to night time look. It has a back tie detail that is equal parts flattering and tasteful.

Paired with the same shoes, this dress can fit a medium-large sized girl because it has some stretch to it. You can also pair this dress with a pair of sneakers, flats or sandals. The idea is to keep your shoes understated/minimal because the dress is already doing a a good way😉.

This is the back of the dress and you can determine how low/far up you want the zipper to go. The dress hits slightly above the knee depending on how tall you are so keep that in mind.

If you are a fan of block heels, these are the shoes for you. These are from Forever 21 with a strap detail and extra wedge support for the front part of your foot. These are certainly a sexy but comfortable pair of shoes that work well for date night or even as a wedding guest.

All details regarding price and how to purchase will be on Instagram so please remember to follow and check for information and updates.

Excess Love,


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