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Starting and running a business has never been anything I've been good at. In the past when I've tried my hands at entrepreneurship, I failed miserably and stayed away ever since. Yet here I am again in 2021 taking one more swing at it and starting THE EXCESS LOVE THRIFTS & GIFTS project.

So what is The Excess Love Thrifts & Gifts project about you might be wondering? Well, first let me say that this wasn't anything I thought of on my own or even something I believed I would ever do especially after my many failed attempts at business but this year I'm choosing to do as I'm led by the Spirit of God and starting this was my first instruction. For this reason, I'm confident in its success and impact.

The primary goal of this is to meet a need I believe exists with intending brides, Nigerian to be specific, who for any number of reasons may be unable to afford beautiful traditional wedding outfits for their special day. With there being so many different cultures within the Nigerian society, brides may choose to wear/have a separate outfit for their traditional weddings and it was placed on my heart to gift these women beautiful clothes that may or may not have been worn by other brides and I am starting with something from my own closet.

You may know that I used to be married years ago and of course, there was a traditional/engagement ceremony. I planned on wearing 2 outfits on my day but due to circumstances beyond my control, I never got the chance to wear my 2nd look. I am therefore gifting that dress along with the shoes, jewelry and bag I did wear on my traditional wedding day.

For the bag, jewelry and shoes like I said, have only been worn one time so expect to see a bit of wear on them. However, it is nothing that is easily observable. The beads are still in pristine condition and as you can see from the image, I did not include earrings because I could not find one ear but I will include it in the package anyway.

The dress was never worn and it is a beautiful coral color in a size medium/large I believe. I was not as fat as I have become today so I believe the sizing is accurate. It has delicately placed stones on it and I have opted not to edit the images to show them in their true colors as much as my natural light permitted.

Obviously not the realreal😊 but good enough. Worn just one time, I hope that these shoes will go to someone who will love them. I wear a size US 10 but even these were mad tight on me so I think they may actually be a size 9 or 9 and a half. Dust bag will be included.

The necklace lays and falls beautifully as I am aware that with this style of beaded design, the beads themselves do not always lay perfectly but I assure that these do and so does the bracelet.

A simple and minimal yet elegant gold purse will complete the look. Clearly the colors of my day were coral and gold so I hope whoever receives these items likes my color

Not wanting to inundate this post with too many images, I will be putting up more on my insta stories so please follow my IG page @ibogirlliving. If you or someone you know would love to receive these for her special day, you can send me a DM. Also, if you would like to be a blessing yourself and would love to gift any items from your traditional wedding, you can email me at with clear images and we can discuss how to send them to me. Please note that we want to bless women on their big day with beautiful things so damaged, faded, torn or worn out items can not be accepted. Regardless of where a bride may be located in Nigeria, my goal is to try to ship to her or wherever is closest at no cost to her. this is obviously the GIFTS portion of the project while the THRIFTS portion would include the usual clothing, footwear, accessories, jewelry and everything in between at reduced prices. I am positive that this vision will come full circle at the right time but from now on every Thursday on the blog will be Excess Love Thursdays where I post images of items from either the GIFTS (Traditional Wedding Attire) or THRIFTS (Other Items) portion of this new project. Further details to come as I am led but in the mean time, I am officially back to blogging so HAPPY NEW YEAR and never forget that God Loves You Excessively.

Excess Love,

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