Saturday, January 9, 2021



It was an interesting year to say the very least. 2020 took us all unawares, caught us unprepared and without a lot of options for help.

Many were adversely affected and yet many flourished and bloomed despite the challenges that the year presented. So although 2020 was very likely the most unique year most of us have experienced, for those of us who only through God's grace and mercy made it through, we are taking the opportunity to step into newness in 2021 and not looking back.

Many are going into the year with a lot of expectation while most are treading quietly into it with the sustained hope that it will bring better tidings than its ruthless predecessor. So how do we prepare for what is to come, whether good or bad? Do we do the usual with vision boards and manifesting, create new inspiring spaces and conjure up fresh ideas to carry us through? I don't know about you but I personally did a lot of growing in the last few months of 2020 which accounted in part for why my break lasted as long as it did. In many ways, I feel like that growth prepared me for whatever this new year will bring so I am not caught off guard like I was last year.

While I may have struggled with my faith early on in the year, the latter months saw me reconnect to God and the person of the Holy Spirit in a profound way. I am working through my salvation in the new year for what feels like the millionth time (don't judge but to be honest, after the year we all just had, I can't imagine going through anything like that again without knowing that I have an anchor in Christ. I just can't! Because there was no church in 2020, it felt like I had no spiritual guidance and so it became necessary to tap in another way. Through watching ministers like Joel Osteen on TV, downloading the PRAY app on my phone, buying a Jesus centered planner and stumbling across DearLadyAnn on YouTube, they helped me plug back in. THIS is how I am personally positioning myself for 2021, stepping into newness and coming out on the other side a winner.

How have the first few days of the year been so far? If you missed my post on Thursday, don't forget to check it out and reach out where necessary if you want to be a blessing or know someone who needs a blessing.

Excess Love,


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